Emerging From The Wildwood

Here I am, emerging from the sabbatical I took away from technology & life.

Returning to nature is always something that my soul sings out for when I find myself in a rut. Like the Pole Star, I’m emerging to a more social aspect of my nature, after a good few weeks away.

Life gets hectic. Jobs, kids, schools, family: it can drain us. I took my two-week return to nature earlier than normal, because of plans I am involved with at the end of the month, meant I could not be away then. It turns out, that I needed the recharge then and not later on. I can always take another “break” later!

emergingComing back to my home life, the work schedule etc. reminds me of this Wildwood Image; The Pole Star. I’ve been in those woods, Wales is full of them. I’ve been in a tent and heard the sounds of foxes playing close by. The kids have heard owls hooting in the night, seen red kites swoop and swoosh over our heads at Bwlch Nant Yr Arian (over a hundred, beautiful, majestic birds). We have felt the chill of nature in our supposed “summer” months, walked, explored, played, read. I have felt blessed with my lot in life and I have good reason to too.

The kids enjoyed their time away too. They loved playing in the campsite play area, making friends, riding their bikes. They’ve been happy emerging into their day after a bowl of cereal and bacon sandwiches, returning only to refuel or reluctantly obeying the instruction that we’re off out somewhere that day to explore.

Now I’ve had the chance to reconnect with nature and really chill out (because of limited or no internet!) and sleep! Oh, it’s been bliss to sleep in, even on an air bed. Wrapped up in my sleeping bag, I’ve had no reason to feel the early morning dew of nature, though I have frowned a few times when yet again, it was raining. Wales is supposed to have less rain than Scotland, isn’t it? I might have been wrong on that! πŸ˜‰


Already, we’re halfway through the month and whilst my mind is maybe still in chill-out mode, I know that it’s time to get things licked into shape. It’s time I was emerging from that darkness and headed once again into the light of life. I will have to sit and take in the evening skies at home, though the light pollution will hinder my ability to do that, to some extent.

If you’re also emerging, hello! Here are some questions to ask yourself for the remainder of the month. What do I wish to accomplish this month? What do I need to achieve my goals? What are my goals for the next three months? I’m working out the answers to these for me, are you?

I’ve used The Wildwood to illustrate my words, which is used with permission from Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews.

My reading consultations will be available again from the 15th of August. Blessings to you all!

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Emerging From The Wildwood

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