Let’s Discuss : The Archer

Getting your point across is part of the journey of life, says The Archer.

The Archer is your Wildwood’s Chariot. She’s the one that gives you the dead set focus we all get from time to time. She’ll also be the one to dance in your imagination, changing your focus as she goes.

The Archer:

the archer takes aimIt’s not enough to just go: I need to focus! There’s an aim (pun intended) to be achieved, a goal completed, when the Archer and her hounds come calling. The words “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough” or “It’s impossible” aren’t enough to stop this lady from getting to the end game. That is, the target achieved.

The bow shown on this card is of the Meare Heath design, popular in Somerset from the Neolithic population, going by the dated relics found from that area. The two hounds at her side represent her intention, her power. One is following her gaze, the other not so much: yet. Knowing that these deerhounds can take down a deer, is not lost on anyone. It’s not a sight I ever wish to see, but then, I’m not having to hunt for my food (unless you count the supermarket at Christmas time, then, maybe… 😉 ) to feed my family, tribe or settlement.

However, she does demonstrate that man is capable of making tools that fit his needs and extend his purpose. That stems from that bow to the computer I use to type these words into this blog post. The Archer is not one for messing about. The bow is now a symbol of our past, the period of time when we did have to hunt for food and survive without the modern conveniences we have, such as central heating, good windows, a solid roof.  This bow could also have a spell or two worked into its length, ready to be loosed by whoever fired an arrow from the sinew string.


The Archer asks you for a number of things. Are you ready to commit? Are you ready for the next step? Will you release the arrow (your intent) and do you have the right intent set with your ambition, imagination and creativity? There are a lot of things to consider here with this lady, least of all is harnessing your own potential.

The Archer is bold, brave, daring, focused. She’s full of intuition, inspiration, imagination and is willing to pass on great wisdom. If, you’re willing to listen. When she comes out in a spread, I find she’s asking that you be brave, step into your own power: use the talents you were born with, apply the knowledge you’ve gained, the cunning you’ve learned. Breathe, be calm and let loose your soulful arrows to achieve your goals.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. The Archer is my second favourite card of this deck and I wonder if you can you guess what the first is? Until the next update, stay focused, breathe and be bold!


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The deck in question is The Wildwood, which you can buy directly from Will’s site. The words are a mix of mine & from the book that comes with the deck.


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Let’s Discuss : The Archer
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