Let’s Discuss : The Stag

The Stag, Guardian of the Wildwood comes out to liven up our creative souls. 

This half human, half animal Stag Guardian of the Wildwood reminds us that our rights and wrongs are not those of the Wildwood or nature itself. 

The Stag

We humans are good at changing things around us to suit our needs,  but not always for the better. By nature, we’re a destructive,  wasteful and  greedy breed of being.  However,  this axe reminds us that whilst we are sometimes like this,  we can and are able to break the cycle.  We can act with responsibility,  use but save and replenish our natural resources.

We’ve forgotten that in truth,  we’re the guests on this blue and green ball called Earth. The current human politics has blinded us to what we’re doing to this place we live in, on a Global scale.

On a personal level,  karma is at work.  The Stag is a reminder to treat others as you wish to be treated.  We’re responsible for our actions and their consequences. Even the human politics that we’re undergoing at the moment, is part of the energy of The Stag, though not his most handsome side I have to admit. It’s realignment time.

When The Stag comes out it is time to be aware that something within us has moved,  fallen into place, realigned.  It can be something small and seemingly insignificant. Or it can be huge, mind-blowing, life changing. Storms can announce themselves on a breeze, yet it helps if you can read the signs, but not everyone can read every sign. That is just too much for anyone to undertake.

So, the mountain of questions that come with this card start with these: How are you treating others? What do you need to take responsibility for? How and what do you need to change? What do you need to carefully construct? What resources are you taking out & what are you putting back in its place?

Let me know how this card comes up for you in the next week, I’d love to read your feedback!

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Let’s Discuss : The Stag
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