What Are My Options Now? The Wildwood Answers

Options are a given right, aren’t they? Well, we’d like to think so.

When something happens to us that prevents us from doing what we’ve enjoyed doing for the majority of our lives, we often ask: What are my options now?

This question has come from a friend, a fellow mother who asks the question after being diagnosed with an illness that will slow her down tremendously: What are my options now? This question can be used in a multitude of situations, the answers & cards though will be unique. Feel free to change the spread offered to suit your own, or I can do it for you.

The Spread

triangle spreadI chose a three card spread for this, in a triangle shape. This is often easiest work out what will play with each other & what will not. At the top: What do I need to consider? To the bottom left: What do I need to avoid? To the right, What’s my next step? More cards can be added to each position as you wish.

The Reading

referendum1/ The Top Card = Ace of Vessels ~ What do I need to consider?

What do you need to consider here? The Ace of Vessels says that this is a new emotional beginning for you. This is the time to lay the conventions of the past behind, the preconceived ideas. Take the time to re-learn emotionally what it is you wanted to do with your life. You’ve the chance now of a new beginning, you don’t have to feature convention, you can begin to go your own way. You can take it slow, you can start whenever you like, as slowly as you like.

wasting, issue, psychic, tarot2/ The Left Card = Major 12, The Mirror ~ What do I need to avoid?

This is pretty big, so please don’t just take my insights here: add your own.  The Mirror is about tradition into the hidden depths of knowledge, the unknown & unconscious aspects of our lives. This to me is about not questioning the “why has it happened?” or the “why me?” all the time. Though, I can get that’s playing on your mind a lot.

Your energies are better spent in the dealing & healing from what you have, the reflecting. This card shows a figure in the boat, which may be Arthur, on his way to the Isle of Avalon to heal. He cannot question where he is, he’s bound, in a coma. This card can also show the question of “What did I do wrong?” coming up all the time. The answer is nothing! If you’re going down that road, please go and see your GP, asking to be referred to a counsellor.

King-of-Arrows3/ The Right Card = King of Arrows ~ What’s my next step?

This is another big card, but instead of stopping you going over and over the bridge you’re trying to cross, it’s showing you the other side of your destination. The next step is about how you think, communicate, act. It’s all about how you conduct yourself, your goals and aims for what and how you are communicating. What is it you’re trying to do when you speak about your condition? Is it to let off steam? Is it to bring the attention of your condition to others? Speak out with an aim, a purpose. It is not enough to just speak, there has to be intent behind it. That intent has to be communicated, spelt out. That might seem daft, but how many times have you heard someone speak and thought: Get to the point, please!



You’ve changes going on, due in this case to medical. You’re being forced to take things at a much gentler pace. You can’t go at the previous 100 miles per hour you had before. Trying to carry on as you were will make it worse for you. The cards suggest you slow down, don’t reflect too much on the why it happened, or what you did wrong. If you’re going to speak out about it, give that voice a purpose, a meaning, an intent. It will help if you make that intent clear in your communications. Decide on what your intent is and stick with it. It’s time to put some meaning behind your words.

I hope this helps you and if you want to know how to get out of the stuck situation you’re in, you can book your session here.

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What Are My Options Now? The Wildwood Answers
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