Let’s Talk About Boundaries & Action

Boundaries are the things we put up to protect ourselves & those we love.

They’re also a pain in the rear end to enforce at times, complicated to work out & sometimes hard to explain.

What can you do when people continually ignore the boundaries that you need to have in place? What’s to be done when the people in question happen to be close family?

This question came from Twitter but it can apply to anyone! “My dad wants to control me, even though I’m a bill paying, adulting adult! Boundaries aren’t working, what now?” Let’s see what the Tarot offers as advice.

wp-1479213621927.jpgThe Reading:

What aspect do I need to understand? The Green Woman
What can I avoid doing about my situation? 8 of Arrows
What can I actively do about my situation? 3 of Stones

What aspect do I need to understand? The Green Woman. This card is interesting as she’s looking at us with her milky cauldron. There are a lot of ideas & things going on here, but I sense that this is the more controlling side of her that’s at play here from this family member. This lady isn’t being magnanimous, generous or glorious. This is the energy of the Green Woman that’s not flowing the way it should be. So the issue isn’t with our querent, it’s with their father.

What can I avoid doing in my situation? 8 of Arrows. Usually, this card is about battling through, clearing the obstacles one at a time. But this card is in the “avoid” position, so continuing on and battling through this doesn’t seem to be the way forward now. Arrows link to the thoughts & communications. I sense that blockages, excuses and reasons for their actions are a penny-a-dozen.

What can I actively do about my situation? 3 of Stones. The stones link to home, job & this hints at teamwork, connecting to the idea you’ve had before about what you’d do if this didn’t stop. That self-advice is needed now, so feel free to follow through on it. Get creative with the solutions, do things “outside” the box. Or on the inside, if you’re a Whovian! 😉


boundariesUnderstand that this situation isn’t down to you or your viewpoints, it’s down to how they’re not handling their inner Green Woman. They’re being beyond caring and encouraging. They don’t see the boundaries as they’re blinkered by what they see is “good parenting”. You can continue to struggle on if you wish, but the way you phrased your question and with the 8 of Arrows, suggests that isn’t really an option. The creative aspect draws one more question: How?

The 6 of Bows comes out, which is a card of abundance, patience & find ways to allow the well-being within you to flow. Notice how this little coppice looks so homely? Perhaps that is the key you need here: a place of your own to give yourself & the parent, some space to exist.

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot (with permission) in this blog post & I thank you for joining me. If you’d like your own reading, or to buy a Gift Certificate, you can do so on this page.

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Let’s Talk About Boundaries & Action

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