2016 : Goodbye & What The Heck!?

Goodbye 2016, you’ve been a rollercoaster of a year!

Whilst we say goodbye to 2016, I have to ask via the Tarot: What the heck did we learn?!


Include mortality (Bowie, Leonard Cohen), greed, boundaries, political changes (Trump & May) & a spread to say goodbye! 2016 is a 9 year, Hooded Man, Woodwose – 9 of Bows, introspection becoming reality, next year is a year of The Wheel, Change….

Changes can be small & that word instantly brings to mind this song from David Bowie. The changes can be anything, from doing something healthier to changing an attitude.

The Reading:

The Major card for the coming year is The Wheel, but before we engage with that type of change, I am going to ask the cards just what we were supposed to learn with 2016?

I drew 3 cards to focus on the lessons learnt.
Card 1 is for The Best Part of 2016: The Ace of Arrows: The Breath of Life
Card 2 is for What The Heck did we learn from 2016: Major 11 ~ The Woodward
Card 3 is for Why We Had To Learn from 2016: Major 17 ~ The Pole Star

The Best Part of 2016, say the cards, is the Ace of Arrows. It was clear that people wanted to know that their feelings weren’t being ignored anymore. Their frustration was clear. We can’t ignore it, it was too loud to just sweep it under the carpet. Now it has been heard, it has to be dealt with. The message was received, even if it’s not totally understood.

The What The Heck part from 2016 was when the need to protect was felt. Everyone has a different way of making that happen. How it was undertaken, how it was implemented, some would think that there was something rather potent in that cup the Woodward is holding. With the political results in one hand, the facts of implementing it in the other, it’s going to be a tricky road to walk. He’ll be the Card of the Year for 2018, but that’s a full 12 months in the offing: Or is it?

The Why We Had To Learn from 2016 is The Pole Star. Here, I think the message is somewhat clearer than the previous card was. The Pole Star is all about hopes & dreams, which is what the lesson from 2016 is about. People wanted to know that their hopes & dreams weren’t being ignored, they want the chance to make their dreams come true. We had to work out a way for our dreams to come out, to materialise, to manifest.

My Conclusion:

2016 had a lot to teach us about our dreams, about creating the circumstances in which they come forward. What has been built up in the last 30 years, say since Thatcher, needed to come down. It was threatened in my youth, but now in my mid years, it’s time to tear it down, change it around. The time of change is coming, but the changes can be a mixture of subtle ones & huge, massive ones. Whatever the New Year holds, we had to set the groundwork for change this year.

So, to 2016, I say “Good-bye!”. I turn to 2017 and say: “You can’t do worse, so bring it on!”  If you dare!!

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2016 : Goodbye & What The Heck!?

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