Let’s Talk : Improving Material Gain

Let’s be honest, we all feel we need to improve our financial situation occasionally. 

From time to time, the material matter just isn’t flowing the way we want or need them to be & we feel the need to improve them. 

There are various spells that claim to improve the fortunes of those that follow them, I tend to find that hard work & being paid for what that work is worth is the best way to balance the financial tables. Some people work more than one job, others create diversity, set up their own business, work for themselves.

So let’s ask the Tarot what steps we need to take to improve our material situation. I use the word material because money isn’t the only method of payment, though it’s apparently what makes the World go around. I’m not so sure, but it sure makes life far more comfortable, don’t you agree??

The Cards & Their Meanings

Card 1: What energies do I need to bring to this endeavour? Ten of Stones ~ Home
Card 2: What do I need to remember about this endeavour? Major 6 ~ The Forest Lovers
Card 3: What is my next step? Ten of Arrows ~ Instruction

The Ten of Stones is the first card up. If you enlarge the image you can maybe see two carvings in the stonework in the gateway of this house. If not, trust me, they’re there! This house exists because of the balance that has been created. There’s the thinking, doing, creating, fixing, growing, clearing, sweeping of this house that makes it a home. There’s a lot of potential in this house but it’s not just down to one set of energies. Now, don’t get me wrong when I say that the masculine & feminine energies are in balance here: that doesn’t mean that there’s one of each gender in the house or even two people in the house! A woman is just as capable of fixing things as a man is at cleaning & keeping house. I’m talking about the energies here, not the people wielding the energies. Tap into both sets of energies here to gain your balance.

Major 6 ~ The Forest Lovers, hints that you need to encounter self-confidence & love about this situation. That’s not to say forget about it but focus on something else instead of “making money” all the time. Enjoy the why when you can; that doesn’t have to cost very much if anything at all. Go for a medicine walk (a walk with the intention of creating thinking space) or get out into nature, no matter the weather and let the elements whip around you. This card is about connecting with our inner self as well as those that are around us. It’s not hard to do, but we forget to do it. The silver birch trees are still there, leaf devoid as they are. Can you identify silver birch or even birch trees in general in your local park? Do you take shelter in a yew tree when the rain really hammers down?

The Ten of Arrows is the last card, a reminder that others can see things that we cannot; that others may have more knowledge & experience than we do. Getting their advice is important in this situation, say the cards. This card shows a father and a son in a teaching / instruction / practise situation. Does this hint to listen to our family elders? Yes. Does this hint to listen to other elders? Well, if they’ve got the knowledge that we do not, then yes. It doesn’t matter who is teaching us (though being honest, it does matter. We have to like & respect them, to begin with) it is the message that they have that’s the important thing here.


Keep a focus on what’s important in regards to your home & hearth. The message here I feel is to not over-extend yourself or stretch beyond your reach. Look after yourself but try to focus on the job, not the end results. Balance is the key: don’t exert beyond more than is coming in (though that is easy to do). Do the scary thing: LOOK at your finances! Watch them daily! It’s scary when you do that, but then you start to get control over what’s going out when it’s going out & how.

The deck in question is The Wildwood Tarot, with the images being shared with permission. 
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Let’s Talk : Improving Material Gain

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