Yuletide In The Wildwood

It’s Yuletide & today I explore the darker side of Yule, the reason The Hermit comes out at this time of year.

What part of our dark side do we need to work on this Yuletide?

This is the first of the Fire Festivals of the new Pagan Year, the last one being Samhain itself. The theme came from the Tarot Blog Hop (which I forgot to sign up for, d’oh!) but thought I’d “join in” unofficially anyway!


YuleTide Spread

If you signed up for my newsletter, you’d have seen the spread I’m about to do ahead of this post.

The Reading;

Pick a card for the number 1 spot to represent YOU. It can be a card of the season or one that is most like you. Then give the rest of the deck a good shuffle & decorate the tree!
Number 2 is: What’s the first aspect I need to work on?
Number 3 is: What’s the best way to tackle it?
Number 4 is: What’s the worst way to tackle it?
Number 5 is: What’s the unseen understanding I need here?

Card 1: this comes from Corrine Kenner’s deck,  Tarot of the Gods and was Neptune in Pisces. This combines two Majors for me (Hanged Man & Moon) and I chose this deck because if those cards came up,  I know I’m going to want to pay more attention to them!

Card 2 is the 8 of Vessels,  suggesting that my pent up emotions need releasing.  I need to let them go and return the negative ones back to the river of  life. This is only the first aspect the cards suggest I deal with this Yuletide.

Card 3 is Major 12,The Mirror,  which suggests that I spend some time in contemplation and work through these emotions,  slowly. The Heron in this card is significant.  Heron’s in the shamanic suggest that you need to ground yourself more,  apply a little more restraint and that uncomfortable situations require you to be more watchful so you can quickly grasp the improvements and move on.  This bird is a Jack of all trades and loves experiences.

Card 4 is the Five of Vessels, Ecstasy.  This is saying that the worst way to handle this is to just carry on regardless. I need to not just go about life,  pretending that I’m not feeling as I do, or why.

Card 5 is 9 of Bows,  Respect. The unseen understanding is boundaries,  respect the other person’s way of doing things (even if they have no respect for others) but set the respect for myself too. That’s been the biggest thing, I feel.  It’s not been set,  enforced or tackled.  Oh,  arse. Like I really want to do that in this situation.


I know exactly what this is going on about and in truth I’m not surprised it’s shown up at this time of year, given what’s going on with other things in my life. However, this does gives me a perspective to deal with something that has been bothering me for a few weeks, that I’ve not been wanting to deal with. The cards say I ought to deal with it though.  Oh,  well!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my shadow Yuletide reading and blog post. Guess I’d better pull up my big girl knickers and get on with this. Just like everyone else does!

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to  your visits in 2017. 

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Yuletide In The Wildwood

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  1. I have only just found time to read this post but it confirms the readings I have done for myself during the festive season. Let’s sort this out!

    1. I agree! This is the year of change (will explain more Sunday) so what change do you wave to manifest this year?

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