Exploring The Loving, Wildwood Style

It’s the week of “Lurve” & I’d like to take a look at how loving is represented in the Tarot. 

Love isn’t just about loving someone, it’s sometimes about loving ourselves too.

What examples does the Tarot have about love, romance, self-care, nurturing, loving & promoting the other person, as well as ourselves? It can get complicated & hard, but when the journey ends we have to look & decide if it was worth it.

Do you recall our parents or grandparents, saying that if you want something, you have to work at it? Being broken didn’t mean you threw it out, you repaired it, you worked at it. Relationships can work like roads: you give & take, you travel in either the same or opposite direction, you give way, you park up when you can & you travel the road, together.

So, analogies about love aside, let’s get on with exploring the “Love” cards from the Wildwood Tarot & another deck that’s based on this theme.

Forest Lovers from The Wildwood TarotFirst up, is The Forest Lovers.

I’ve seen this card so often over the years. It’s about promising to love each other & look after yourself. Allowing someone else to do that is also important & part of the trust you promise to bestow.

It’s about working as a team & coming to the other when life gets hard & difficult, so you can face it together. That I feel is what loving is all about.

There’s the rather pleasurable physical side too, as well as all the cuddles, beer & chocolate sharing that goes on. Occasionally, you get date nights: a night to eat in peace without any off-spring biting your ankles!

lovingThis is The Lovers from The Love Tarot. Aptly named & shaped, it’s got rather a nice little colour scheme to it.

Notice how there’s light & dark? You can’t really have one without the other & neither gender fits on one side all the time. We all have our “bright” & “dark” sides: The trick with loving someone is dealing with the darker times whilst enjoying the warmer times. Think of it this way: If you turn the light on, you cast shadows. Some part of us is always in the shadow; like the Planet we live on, we don’t show our face to The Sun all the time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog post on love & loving another & whatever you’re doing on the Day of Love (Valentines Day, 14th February) do what pleases you & your partner.

What do  YOU do for your partner that tells them you love them?

What do they do for you that shows you that you’re loved?

What do you do for YOU to love yourself? 

Sending love to you all!

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Exploring The Loving, Wildwood Style

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  1. That is a lovely insight, thank you for sharing! I completely agree with the need to be there through darkness and light. My relationship is emerging from a dark phase and now I am welcoming the light with an open heart. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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