Imbolc : Spring Has Sprung, Finally!

Today is Imbolc, the First Day of Spring, so it’s claimed. 

With the days growing longer, the Year of the Rooster upon us & the daffodils already sprouting up, Spring seems to be certainly sprung!

I saw this Spring / Imbolc spread on pInterest & thought I’d share. It comes from Kiki’s Cauldron on Tumblr.


Here are the cards & positions: 

1/ What is still frozen in your life? – Page of Vessels
2/ What will keep you warm & comfortable? – 5 of Stones
3/ What clutter needs to be cleared? – 10 of Vessels
4/ The first signs of spring you’ll see this Spring – 5 of Bows
5/ A project to being immediately – 10 ~ The Wheel
6/ A message of inspiration for you – 12 ~ The Mirror

spring / Imbolc spread

The Interpretation

For what’s still frozen in my life, the Page of Vessels comes up. This is usually a card that reminds me to have fun, so is my fun the item in my life that’s frozen? It’s possible, things don’t seem to have been much fun recently. What should be fun hasn’t been, at least not recently.

For what will keep me warm & comfortable, the 5 of Stones comes up. Knowing that this frozen situation is temporary is the key here, it looks like quite a negative card, but it’s actually a reminder that the storm will fade out. No storm can last forever; like the rain that falls, it’ll pass.

What clutter needs to be cleared is answered with the 10 of Vessels. Now this, I am going to have to think on, at least for me. Give up on happiness? Well, no, that’s not it. Give up striving for perfection? That sounds a lot more like it: that “perfect” moment is made up when things just fall into place together, without being manufactured or forced.

The first signs of growth that I’ll see come up as the 5 of Wands.  Empowerment is the first sign; of people taking charge of their own lives when they realise that others aren’t going to do it for them. It’s also about me stepping into another aspect of my own personal power. It’s never a one trip pony, this empowerment aspect. It comes in waves, like cake. Bake it, eat it, bake some more. Use it, generate more, use it… I’m sure you get the idea.

A project to begin immediately is answered by 10 ~ The Wheel. Making small changes now… there’s one I’d LOVE to do, but I’ll be letting others down if I do. What I can do, though is change my attitude towards that, which is something I can begin to do now. This is something for me to meditate & sleep on for a little while.

The message of inspiration comes up as 12 ~ The Mirror. Be reflective, be the person I know I am & not the person that others make me out to be. Ha! I stopped caring a long time ago about what certain people thought of me; however, I’ve come to realise that whilst I don’t care about them, others need to make their minds up for themselves & I’m kind of sad that they’re not. Well, all I can do is be me. No one else can & I need to be me; I’m unique, I’m powerful & now it’s Spring, I need to put a spring in my step again!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Imbolc post & thanks again to Kiki for posting that spread on pInterest!

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Imbolc : Spring Has Sprung, Finally!
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