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It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK & I’m taking a look at the archetypes of a mum through various decks.

There also a free spread you can try for your own mother if you wish. I used this spread in 2016, but it’s applicable today and every day.


The First Of My Women

The first woman I draw from the deck is the Queen of Cups. (Yes, I’ve reverted to the RWS for this post). This is the lady who is emotionally aware, though in control of what she’s feeling, though she’s often the one that gets used and abused as a mother.

The next woman I draw from the deck is Justice. This card always makes me think of Judge Judy. Quick witted, on the ball mentally, willing to stand up for others & seen recompense. She likes things to be as fair as possible.

Then I call upon the Queen of Wands, the passionate mother who may be slightly controlling, but certainly wishing you the best. She’s also the one who will tell you to get on with it, just do it.

Strength arrived next, kindly holding the lion’s mouth open. In the Wildwood, Strength isn’t a woman, which until now, I hadn’t realised. This lady has some quiet Strength going on, the silent quiet type. I guess I was at the back of the queue for this ability!

The High Priestess is someone I feel more akin with. The really strong silent type with the mind running at 100mph, but saying nothing. The thoughts torturing the mind, knowing things & being proven right even though you know if you say something, you’re the “bad guy”.

Temperance comes out next, reminding us all that there’s a fine balance in being a mother. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping the balance of being bat-shit crazy & a gentle lioness.  Sometimes, it’s keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs, for whatever reason. So is the job of a mum.

More Leading Ladies

various faces of mum

The Empress was next, reminding us that nuture is better than neglect & support is the best reaction (or is it action?). With this lady, I kept drawing her out after all my pregnancies, when all I did was nurture, sleep, eat, rinse & repeat. This lady is about repeating things that are good for us, internally & externally.

The Star reminds us to have hope, no matter what. Hope that things will turn out, hope for the future & what we leave as a legacy for our children. It’s recently been confirmed that children inherit their intelligence from their mother, not their father. There may be a hope for the future that comes from us mums. Let’s hope so!

The Queen of Swords is the next to last of our leading mums.  Her temperament is certainly visible in the Justice card. On a good day, she’ll say exactly what she wants to, without any malice. On a bad day, she can be deeply moody, temperamental & nasty. I usually like people who are honest with you & I certainly prefer them without any nastiness!

The last lady is one of my favourites, the Queen of Pentacles. The mother who will do whatever it takes to get things done; the car pool, the sports activities, the taxi service, the cook, chief & bottlewasher. This is the lady who is also the business woman of the house & let’s face it, running a house & a family is like running a business.

Now, enjoy Mother’s Day, celebrate your mum and her endeavours, her efforts, good & bad. Children don’t come with instruction manuals, we just do the best we can with what we know & learn along the way.

I’ve used the RWS on this occasion, for a change. The Wildwood will return next week!

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The Wonder of Mum, The Tarot Explores
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