Venus Is Now Direct, which means… ? 

Venus went direct in the skies as of April 15th, 2017. 

What does that little planet of love going direct mean to us?

Well, firstly, it just isn’t that simple, as much as I’d love it to be! To move forward, it firstly had to square up to another planet, Saturn. Now that this seems to be over & done with, we can get on with things, can’t we?

Well, yes… there are other planets in retrograde, Saturn being one & it will be until August 25th. So, we’ve several more months of time seeming to drag, when in fact, it’s doing its normal thing!

However, we can still take the time to do some self-loving & care, now that Venus is back to something of her “old” self. Even Mercury is beginning to pull forward (it goes direct again on May 2nd) so things should start to clear up. Well, one can hope!

venus direct

Cards & Spread

I asked the cards: What does Venus going fully direct mean for us?

Card 1: What are the positives here? Major 5 ~ The Ancestor

Card 2: What are the negatives here? Major 20 ~ The Great Bear

Card 3: What’s the further advice for right now? 5 of Arrows

The basic advice I’m seeing here is that there is a path before me, it’s there if I would just be kind enough to take it! There’s a challenge here, so do I face up to it, or back away & play dead? Anyone who knows me knows that it’s certainly not going to be the latter & if you think I would just “play dead”: Think again! You might get frustrated at my ability to completely ignore you, that’s your issue though, it certainly isn’t mine!

What is it you see in these cards? What does the 5 of Arrows suggest to you? Are you the one frustrated, or are you causing that to others? You decide here.

The deck I’ve used is The Wildwood & you can buy it here.

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Venus Is Now Direct, which means… ? 
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