What Do You Need to Hatch?

It’s Easter or Ostara & this weekend is all about eggs & fertility.

It is also probably going to be a wet one as it’s a bank holiday, so time to plan what you need to hatch!

I’d like to explore what it is you want to plant now to enjoy in the future. Since I’m not near my beloved Wildwood this weekend, the ever portable Vanessa Tarot was used.

what do you need to hatch now?

The Cards

The top card is the 2 of Coins. It’s time to put things back in balance, don’t juggle too much, re-learn how much you can handheld and stop when you reach that amount. No is a complete sentence in its own right.

The left card is the 10 of Cups, remember what makes you happy, do more of it and do it with those who love to do it too. Make memories, be present in the lives of those you love, that’s all we leave behind besides a headstone. Hatch some wonderful plans & make memories

The right card is The Hierophant, asking that you apply knowledge, wisdom, kindness and emotional maturity to those you interact with, spend time with and don’t judge others (that’s a different card) as that’s not needed right now. Educate yourself and others, but wisely.


So, this Easter, the cards suggest that you hatch how to be careful with yourself and others, re-educate yourself on your boundaries and respect those of others. You’re not the only one resetting things down to a lesser scale. Remember to re-learn how to love yourself.

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What Do You Need to Hatch?
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