Using the Tarot as a crutch

We can create dependencies or a crutch on so many things in this modern age. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, tarot readings… 

Yes, tarot readings. Relying too much on what your cards tell you rather than experiencing life itself, can cause issues. 

It’s easy to get hooked into things that you know help you & you inadvertently turn them into a crutch. You continue to want their help ALL the time. It’s a bit like walking perfectly fine when you’re 10, even if you do fall over when you’re rushing or playing, but then becoming younger, to toddler stage and you can’t do anything without holding onto your “one thing” that you know supports you, but isn’t designed for the nth degree of things.

The use of Tarot can get like that. From consulting the cards every hour to not getting out of bed to being nosy about what someone might be thinking. You can use it to micromanage everything, it becomes your crutch. The question I have is this: Do you really want to!?

I get that there’s an element of control within us all that sometimes, can be a British BullDog. It just will not let go. Even though we know we’re being irrational, that “bulldog” whispers: “Yes, but just check, to be sure!”

Honestly, it takes another part of your psyche to say: “Oi, NO!” (Imagine Harry Enfield here!) Yes, really imagine Harry Enfield in your head, shouting out: “Oi, NO! No more Tarot for this! You DO NOT NEED IT!”

I designed this spread more for other readers, who come across this, but it can be used to work out of you’re relying too much on the cards to even get out of bed, or see certain people. That’s what your own will power is for & the cards should never replace that power. Enhance it, work with it, empower it; but never replace it with the Tarot.

The Reading & The Cards: 

Top Card: Why am I relying on it so much?

Left Card: What can I do to reduce the dependency?

Right Card: What will the outcome be if I do?

Tarot as a crutch


Top Card: The Page of Stones suggests that you’re using it to see things you could see if you actually just opened your eyes. The answers are there before you, but you’re not really observing or watching. You’ve stopped trusting or using your own senses.

Left Card: The Queen of Arrows suggests you already know you’re not using your own communication to yourself. You “see” what’s going on, but the information to your brain isn’t either being processed or it’s being blocked. Is it time to have a bit of self tough-love?

Right Card: The Four of Arrows suggests that once you acknowledge what’s going on, once you accept the self tough-love, you’ll finally be able to let it go & rest! How long has your brain been going over and over the same situation, or plaguing your mind?


The quicker you can give yourself that stern talking to, acknowledge why & what it is you’re trying so hard to avoid, then you can rest & let it go. The peace that you need inside your head can be yours, but deal with what’s causing the internal noise!

Learn to listen to yourself, trust yourself, acknowledge your own thoughts & impressions. They are far more relevant to you than any pieces of cards with 78 snapshots of life!

I do hope you’ve liked this blog post & my take with The Wildwood cards. They can be helpful, but like GP’s, hairdressers, mechanics, beauticians & other skills, they need to be used wisely!

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Using the Tarot as a crutch
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