The Father’s of The Wildwood

It’s Father’s Day here in the UK & the Wildwood has its celebration of the fathers in our lives.

They can range from those who are very direct to those who are gentle and guiding. Which Tarot cards fit?

Father’s are an important part of our lives. Sometimes, we’re lucky to have uncles, grandfathers or older male cousins to bless our lives with. Sometimes we don’t get to be that lucky, we may not even get a male role model until we get to school. Sometimes, it is not even then, it’s secondary (high school) before we encounter a good male influence.

We have some great Father Like cards within the Wildwood. Before we get to the spread, I wanted to show you a few.

Now, I could (really should) use my Parents Spread that I created last year (the UK celebrates these days at different points to the USA, in case you think I’ve lost the plot)


And so, we have our spread, we have the cards, let’s match the two together, shall we?

The Reading:

What do we need to appreciate about our fathers? Princess of Swords

How do we not show that we love our dad’s?  7 of Wands

How can we best show that we love them? 8 of Wands

I’m taking these cards hold a message for my 3 children, towards their father this time, rather than me towards my dad.

What do the kids need to appreciate about their dad? That he’s direct with them and honest. Okay, his eloquence may not be up to the par of either granddad yet, but daddy has time to learn that finesse. Until then kids, get used to daddy telling you like it is.

How do they show that they don’t love him? Well, they rebel, they fight back. They bicker with each other & whine about how they can’t have their own way because daddy has said no & mummy won’t “stick up for them” against daddy. If Daddy’s told you no kids, chances are, I have already said no more times than I’d like to anyway. 😛

How can they best show that they love him? Well, by taking on board what it is he’s told them! Whether he’s asked them to do something, or he’s said something already, to not repeat it & test the boundary 30 seconds later. By acknowledging what’s already been said & getting on with it, will help everyone, especially the kids!

Father's Day Spread with the Illuminati Tarot


I really think that the last card is going to be the eye opener. I see that happening with the eldest more than the younger two, but they’ll get there, eventually! How they get there is the fun (!) part though, isn’t it?

I’ve used the Illuminati Tarot by Eric Dunne & the images are (c) to him. The spread is my own & you can use that to your heart’s content.

With blessings to you, your endorsing male figure (whoever they are) & a bright, sunny, wonderful day!

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The Father’s of The Wildwood
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