To School Or Not To School, The Wildwood Answers

Working out a tricky step for ourselves that involves time & finances is exactly what the Tarot ordered. Do we carry on with the education & school?

The Tarot is great at helping us reflect on decisions of this nature, let me show you how.

Choosing between two options is something we all come across in life. You might not use the Tarot to decide what’s for breakfast or lunch, but to go & further educate yourself or not, is something we really need a few voices on so we can make our decision.

The option to further our education by going back to school (or not) is often a tricky one. Finances aside, it’s sometimes the fear of “being the oldest” that we baulk at. The “odd one out” for me, personally, isn’t something new. But it might be for others or you. So, what do you need to know?

The first thing is knowing that you’ve got choices ahead of you.  You may already know what those choices are, which is great, but sometimes we don’t know what they are. The cards can help us figure out which way is the best way to go. It’s more than likely ratifying what we’re already thinking & that is okay too!

The Cards & The Choices;

Option 1: To not continue my education at all – 7 of Vessels

Option 2: To continue my education now – 5 of Bows

Options 3: To continue my education later – 6 of Vessels

This can quickly become a 9 card layout, as I tend to draw 3 for each option. Why 3? It’s better to assess each option as a mini story board, rather than as a single card. You get to view the answer with diagonals, in columns, not just rows. You get a more objective viewpoint that way. But for the purposes of this blog entry, I’m going to be drawing 3 cards about school & the options it brings. One for each. (Otherwise, it’ll be way too long to read!)

The 7 of Vessels is quite clear I feel here; to not pursue furthering your education or going back to school, will make you mourn as if you’ve suffered a loss. You love to learn, to be at school. It might a social thing as well as an educational thing, but I sense you’ll really miss it if you don’t follow that path.




The 5 of Bows is another one that’s quite clear with the message here. To continue your education makes you feel empowered as if you can take on anything! I sense you love learning, you love finding out facts & fitting more pieces of the jigsaw of life together as you go.

Gaining knowledge is what gives you empowerment & I suspect it’s a little like a drug: the more you get of it, the more you want it & you can’t bear to be without it. What a drug to be addicted to!

The 6 of Vessels I feel is a sad one. If you really have to park up the education or further schooling at this time, know that you will come back to it. You’ll miss it too much to not come back to it at some point! You will reunite with it because you’ll be wanting to return to it for your own emotional well-being.

That’s great if you’re aware of why you’re putting it on the back burner & you plan on actually getting back to it, rather than just leaving it as a dream that will never happen. You may as well do card number 2 if you do that!

The Conclusion:

The best card out of these three is the middle one, the 5 of Bows. Staying with education is likely your best choice, because of what it does for you on a number of scales. If you choose to leave it behind you will mourn it, but you’ll move on. Putting it on hold, to come back to later is also an option, but only if you really can’t do the extra schooling for one reason or another. It is something you will come back to. If card 1 is any indication, the pull of education isn’t something you can ignore for long.


Please be aware that this reading, whilst the question is genuine & the reply is too, is superficial for the purposes of the blog. To get a real in-depth reading, you’ll have to book me for one, right here

You can find The Wildwood Tarot at The Wildwood Site, here & a blog entry here.

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To School Or Not To School, The Wildwood Answers
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