Success : The “Will I?” question & phrasing your question

success question spread

The “success” question has to be one of the most common questions a Tarot Reader is asked, right after the “Will he come back?” one. 

The answer to the success question lies in your own perceptions, so read on for my insight & your free reading below.

Success can be measured in lots of different ways. Usually, though, it comes down to how much money one makes & can you pay the bills each month, with enough left over for more than a bottle of wine from the cheaper supermarkets.

People can get hung up on what success means & it’s all highly personal. Take someone famous, oh, I don’t know, Taylor Swift. She’s successful, the amount of money the girl makes. Do we want to be that successful? We like to think so until we hear the horror stories that have emerged lately regarding her & the actresses in Hollywood & we mere mortals then think; you know what, no.

Success is like a ladder. We can climb as high up on that ladder as we want. As high as Sir Richard Branson or Taylor Swift, or we can reach just a little above where our parents achieved. We often get to decide when to come off and at what level. Or when to get back onto it & climb up a little more.

The Question

So when you ask: Will I be successful? it’s asking a rather closed question. Life isn’t a boolean variable. It’s not one or the other, though we often have those types of choices to make! The question is perhaps more serving if you ask: HOW can I achieve success as I see/want it to be, doing X, Y or Z?

That is a more fitting question: it gives you room for scope, for ideas, for change, to adapt & to refocus on your goals.

To answer the above question, here’s a 3 card spread you are free to try at home:

1/ Where am I now?
3/ What does success look like to me? (You can choose this out of the deck or draw it randomly, it doesn’t matter, do what you feel is right.)
2/ What do I need to do to get there? (This can be MORE than the one card I’ve drawn for you here)

The cards & Interpretation

success question spread

The cards I drew were: 1/ The Emperor 3/ Queen of Coins (I choose her) & 2/ The seven of Swords

The Emperor shows that I’m more in control than I give myself credit for. I have ALL the tools, skills & attitude to make the success I envisage. So, set a salary/income for the month, the amount of sleep you get, the length of time you are with the kids (the idea is more of that!) so I just need to set my goals & trust that I’m right, for myself!

The Queen of Coins I chose as that’s where I want to be. I don’t want to be worrying about money, finances etc. I just need it there. Sure, she’s worked hard to get where she is, I need to do the same. I need to be practical, I need to be careful, I need to plan & follow through on that plan.

How to get there is the 7 of Swords. Start by sorting out my thinking (ha! Easier said than done! I’ll be expanding on that card away from the blog, trust me!) and get clear on what I want to be doing. My Goals for 2017 are tucked into a word document, somewhere. When was the last time I looked at it? Goodness knows I fail to recall. That has been part of my issue: My vision board is great, but I need the goals written before me too. I have a goals journal, so now I need to use it.

How would you interpret these cards to your question/situation? You can email me or contact me on social media if you don’t want to reply to this post. I do love replies though! OR you can book your private consultation with me right heredigital signature



The cards I’ve used are the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy. You can find them on Amazon

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Success : The “Will I?” question & phrasing your question
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