Acting your Shoe Size, Not Your Age!

It’s very easy to get swept up in the roles of modern life. Sometimes though, we need reminding to act our shoe size & not our age!

How can the Tarot help you do just that? Whatever your shoe size is, the Tarot can help you get your head out of your own butt.

It’s not often I engage in being a child. Like everyone else, I get my head down & get on with it, forgetting that I also need to be carefree regularly enough to keep myself refreshed & chirpy. Yeah, I get dour, snappy & cranky like everyone else! I need to remember my shoe size at times, not always my age!

My daughter (who is not quite 5) gets too serious for her little boots at times. The boys certainly do & we’re all human after all. I developed this little 3 card spread to help you “lighten up” & get rid of the seriousness, if only for a few hours. Even as I write, I can hear the boys playing with the money from the money pots (the copper coins that I need to bag up & take to the bank in small bundles at some soon!)

The Cards, Their Positions & Interpretation

1/ Why are you being so serious? Knight of Arrows
2/ What is your favourite thing to do to de-stress? The Green Man
3/ What’s the fun thing to go & try now? 2 of Vessels

shoe size spread

1/ This Knight of Arrows says; I come across as too serious! I communicate quickly, harshly, directly. There’s not much of a filter between my thoughts & my mouth; I just say what I think. It cascades out exactly as I think, which comes across as being harsh & direct. I was often told that people always knew where they stood with me. That can be both a good & bad thing!

2/ The Green Man as my favourite thing to de-stress?! Err… Well, not sure how I think of that one! (added:) Creating things for myself that means I am constructive. Planting the seeds of the future now, making changes now. Like a daffodil bulb or a hyacinth (which I LOVE!), I need to plant the roots down now for the future. Knowing I’ve done something important is more important than just existing and it can be exciting!

3/ The 2 of Vessels as my fun thing to do now? Connect with people! I love connecting with people & to those that matter, those that enjoy the same things you do, that “get” you. It doesn’t have to be a party, it can just be you, the significant other, a bottle of wine & a movie! It could be a meal out, a trip to the cinema, an evening out without the kids (who were supervised & getting a puncture on the long way home! Yes, it did happen 😉 ).  Take time to reconnect again with two adults.

My Conclusion

The Green Man may not seem like acting my shoe size, but putting things into action to help me achieve my dreams, dreams I’ve had since I was oh, teenage, is helpful, useful & it can be fun! If I do it right, I’ll be able to connect with more people, which is what I love doing. Connecting & helping people is part of the reason this soul of mine is here. As I was browsing for a meme with the “shoe size” on it, the Tom Jones song, Kiss came to mind. Have a listen right here.


Your Turn

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Acting your Shoe Size, Not Your Age!
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