Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

We all need a superhero in our lives. Some we wish to meet, others, we get to be.

This week, I want to focus on what can we do to be our own hero.

I’m sure we all know the song, “Holding Out for a Hero“. It’s been used for TV adverts & movies since it came out. The striking voice of Bonnie Tyler is unmistakable, unique & different. The words of the song though, have us waiting for the knight in shining armour or the hunky fireman coming into our lives. The truth is, that’s rarely going to happen. We need to learn to be our own “superhero”, especially given the news at the moment with all the celebrities being accused & hung out to dry via the media for goodness knows what.

Can we be our own hero? I think we can. In fact, I know we can. We’re not all Slayers, so don’t expect some ancient power to just “land” on us because of some witch unlocking such powers (a reference to the last season of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer). We need to tap into the power we all already possess. Some of us know how to tap into it, some of us do not. Some of us have it hidden in the smallest toe we have, others have it just there & they know it.

So, how might we tap into it? I created this little 3 card spread to help you be your own Superhero. It can be used at any time, whenever you’re not sure. Though, if the fire in your blood boils (as the song above suggests) then step up to the challenge & do the best you can! (Feel free to change the positional meanings to suit your circumstance!)

The Cards & Spread

1/ What must I do now to help this situation improve? 2 of Arrows
2/ What should I avoid doing in this situation? 3 of Stones
3/ What is the fear I need to overcome to be my own hero? Major 12, The Mirror



1/ What must you do now? Please, take the blindfold off & see what is really happening. You’ve been kidding yourself for a while now; it’s not funny anymore, honestly! You really need to see the truth. Wake up & smell the coffee. You cannot bury your head in the sand for much longer. The time has come to be brave!

2/ What should you avoid doing now? Saying you’ll do something, putting flowery meaningful words behind them, but then doing nothing, hoping that your hero will be someone else & not you. Hate to quote a meme at you (okay, I don’t hate doing it 😉 ) but there’s not a bigger adult around at the moment, you’re going to have to step up to the mark here! Don’t get “creative” with a complex solution, keeping it simple will be the best path.

3/ What is the fear you need to overcome? This is a really good card & I think gets to the heart of the matter: you’re afraid of what others think of you. King Arthur (who is probably the figure in the boat on his way back to Avalon) didn’t really care what others thought of him. He did what he had to do to protect his kingdom. Your kingdom may not be as large or as grand as Camelot (Tintagel as we now think of it) but you still need to cast aside the fear of being judged. People do that anyway! Be honest with yourself & step up to the mark.


What others think of you seems to be driving you more than what actually needs to be done here. You’ve been hiding behind something, a false sense of security for a while, but now is the time for a simple, clean course of action. Trust that you can be your own hero, that you are good enough to step up to the mark. If you don’t at least try, how on earth will you know just how strong you are??


If you’re also a Tarot-relative; What cards did you draw using this spread? If you’re not & you’d like to book your own mini or full email reading, you can do that right here.

Please do comment though, I like replies & talking to people about their interpretations!

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Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

4 thoughts on “Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

  1. Hi Louise! I finally got around to resetting my WordPress password so I could actually start liking and /or leaving comments. Life has been insane lately, so this spread came at just the right time. I asked about my health, and here’s what I got:
    Card 1-Four of Vessels-I need to get up and get moving and not let complicated food diets confuse and confound me to the point of lethargy. Card 2-Ten of Vessels. I have to admit, this one confused me at first, then-aha!-I shouldn’t depend upon family to make me happy. Trying to be what everyone else wants me to be has gotten me absolutely nowhere! And Card 3- Three of Bows. This one took a bit to understand too, but in all honesty, it’s message is so true for me right now. I’m afraid of succeeding with the changes in health that I need to do right at this moment in my life. I’ve been stuck at the crossroads for so long that it’s led to the lethargy reflected in the first card. Relying on my family for help concerning my health is not good for me at all. So it’s time for me to step up and be my own Super Hero! Up, up and Away!

    1. Let that cape fly long & true behind you as you improve things for yourself! Go get them & improve on them! I too need to improve my health & my eating habits. I’ve become too complacent on snacks & things that are bad for you! Glad to join you on this journey!

      1. A lot of my trouble is subconscious snacking. My guys start snacking, I’m right there with them, even though it’s right after eating a meal! Twice this year, I’ve tried a super restrictive diet (only for 3-4 weeks) only to have a nosh attack on all the foods not on the diet-sugar, rice, bread, regular butter. I will admit that I now know without a doubt which foods make me ill. So, my super hero self is letting me know that treats once a week-homemade-aren’t bad. Even with sugar and honey. Avoid the foods that make me ill, and no worries. That’s my Super Hero mantra: “No worries”.

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