It’s Being Better By Doing – Get Up & Get Doing

How often do we wish we were good at something, but then, don’t do anything about it?

In order for us to be good at something, means we have to be doing it, doesn’t it?

Well, yes, it does! You have to get better by doing. You can’t be a good writer if you don’t read & then write the stories that have been created in your head. No one else has to read them, but you do have to practice & go through the learning curves! You’re not going to get better or braver at say, public speaking if you don’t get up onto that podium! You’re not going to get fitter if you don’t actually go to the gym or do any exercise in order to get fitter.

Doris Lessing had the right idea with her saying: You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.

You can turn that onto any industry in this World. You only learn to be a better builder by actually building. You only get to be a better human by being human. You only get to be a better Tarot Reader by reading Tarot.

That last one is funny but SO accurate! Every day I use my Tarot, I add to my Tarot knowledge. I get insights from other people via Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram (one of my now firm favourite platforms!) or anything! You’ve just gotta get out there & give things a try!

Often though, the mind monkies come out & say: You’re not going to be good at that! You’ve never tried that before, how will you do it? What will you do when it doesn’t work out? I used to laugh inwardly when I hear about people who don’t know what to do when things fail; when there’s no “plan b” in anything. But, you know what? You’ll never know if you can do something if you never try! 

restOne of the cards that make me think of the opposite of this statement is this, the 4 of Vessels. All this past week with Mercury finally going Retrograde (which means that the pull into it has lessened, we’re on the event horizon of it now) I’ve had the thought of pushing forward this “Don’t ignore the message because of who delivers the message”. I just “go” with the flow of things at the moment, as best any busy mum can!

Get up off your butt & go do things! Come on, get better by doing it! You know you can at least have a go! Don’t be put off by someone being your ID’s version of Victor Meldrew (Yes, you can believe it!) by suggesting that you’d be useless at things. Even the opposite of: Well, what did you do that for? That was daft!

So what if it was daft? Did you learn from it? Did you get that itch out of your system & did it make you realise that it’s not really what you wanted, but something else similar to that is ideal?

Better by doingSometimes we need to scratch that itch before we can get over it. Sometimes, we need to try that sandwich combination to realise, our ideas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Life is the same. The Tarot is the same. Any walk of life is the same. We have to try things for ourselves, what suits one person or even a sibling, won’t suit someone else or another sibling. So, this coming week, let’s get better by actually doing what we want to do. We get better each time we try & achieve that which seems impossible. What’s your impossible task this coming week? How do you plan to tackle it? Or like the Knight here, you are just going to give it a try & learn as you go? Are you going to be learning by doing?

Once you get going, you’ll be fine. It’s getting going that’s sometimes the issue. As Alice Caldwell Rice says; there’s no sense in putting up your umbrella until it’s raining. In other words, don’t plan for things until they happen, or you can see them coming. Then, plan!

I can help you work out how to tackle that impossible task, as well as help with a few other things. To do so, all you need to do is click here.

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It’s Being Better By Doing – Get Up & Get Doing
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