Welcome 2018 – Our Justice Year

Welcome, 2018! You’ve been expected & in some cases, much wanted already!

Now that 2017 is behind us, what does 2018, our Justice Year, have in store?

You might wonder why on earth I said: it’s “Our Justice Year”. Well, take 2018, then add 20 to 18 & you get 38. Add 3 & 8 together & you get 11. The Justice card for The Wildwood is The Woodward. The buck stops with him this year, he has the final say of what does & doesn’t go.


2017 was a WHEEL year, Major 10 (3+7=10) so last year was a year of changes, both big & small. It was a bit of a rollercoaster in general, though not all the waves that we started last year will be needed this year. That’s where The Woodward comes in. He’s able to stand guard & watch. He’s not just Strength, he’s Justice too. His statement “I am not a victim. treat me with respect. Do not mistake my passivity for weakness”.

The Woodward is the emotional backstop when fate or something else destructive, a disaster or something similar threatens to overwhelm us. Now that we’ve had all our seemingly security blankets, mechanisms removed, we’re no longer in a state of limbo. We can move, we can DO things, making the changes that need to be made in response to the Wheel from last year. We have the experience of the journey from last year. That also means we have the wisdom of patience & resolution to put solutions in place this year. That is leaning towards the Justice Year.

2018 – What We Need It To Be

Justice Year

We need to combine it with some fierceness, some fire. We need to get off our rear ends & start getting things done. It’s not enough now to just sit & say; “I want to change”. Now we have to go hunt out that change for ourselves. We need to show our tenacity, our strength, our determination. Using mindless, irrational aggression isn’t the answer, but tempered, stoic & cool resolution & passions are what’s needed.

The Woodward is something of a dichotomy between the energy of doing & the inspiration found within us. His strength is from the power of nature. Nature gives us the power to renew & overcome adversities; The Woodward embodies that & shows us how it’s done. Sometimes we just need to find our own inner backstop, the line we won’t cross, the line we’ll fight from. The Wildwood ethos has much to teach humanity about calm, resolute strength.

This is what he offers to teach us in 2018. The question is, are you going to try & run away to avoid this, or are you going to be one of the millions standing up & making a change, because we simply cannot go on as we have been?

You can use this spread (which isn’t mine I hasten to add) to get you started! I used it last year. If you want it sent to you, email me & I’ll send it across to you to print out.

So, welcome to 2018! It’s time we all stood up & got counted. If you want help in doing that, book with me right here:

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p.s. here’s a mantra to think/say whilst you ponder what 2018 means for you.

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Welcome 2018 – Our Justice Year
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