Set Your Future – Only YOU Can!

It’s a new week & already, most of the month has passed!

We don’t always need a New Year to set our goals, we can do that every day of the week, but since today is a Monday, why not set your future now?

Your future is in your hands. When you’re eleven, you may not believe that. When you’re twenty-eight, you’re in the grips of the “man” & the corporate life. However, when you’re forty-two, a busy mum of three active, bouncy, intelligent children, you push them to exceed when you didn’t. Oh, if we could only go back twenty years! Here’s the thing though; we don’t need to go back 20 years. We don’t need to push the kids to be better than us (though, we do that normally anyway!) we can set our own future, right now. We can set it and start striving towards it.

The trick comes with knowing where you want to be in 10 years time. Then, comes the planning! Breaking it down into steps you can accomplish by being persistent. Being consistent helps ensure you’ll keep it. Some are better at one aspect than the other, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try!

This little meme sums up perfectly what it means to be persistent; what it means to set your future. Notice the word here is “You”. If YOU are persistent, YOU will get there. You, you, you. Not me. Not your wonderful parents, your dog, the cat, your neighbour, your .lover. YOU.

No one but YOU can do the work that is needed. Yes, you ask for help, you can offer help, you can collaborate but the hard work, the goal setting, the challenges to be overcome? They’re totally down to you!

How can the Tarot help you achieve this? It can help pretty much all the way to the achievement if you want their advice & help. Using one of my Penrose spreads, let’s explore 3 ways the Tarot can help you along the way.

The Cards & Spread

1/ What do I need to be persistent at?
2/ What do I not need to focus on?
3/ What do I need to be consistent with?

Using the Sacred Circle Tarot (as I had it to hand for my deck of the week) I asked it these questions & this is what came back.

What do I need to be persistent at? The Page of wands came up. The potential he brings is what I need to be persistent at. The fire, the passion, the ideas. I must never stop having them, I must not stop at passing on the fire, the flame, the passion, the ideas.

As the song goes, “Don’t Stop Believing“, hold onto that feelin’: That’s what I need to keep on doing!

What do I not need to focus on? I didn’t think this deck would smack me around the back of the head, but it has! Materialism, fiscal rewards. Basically, stop focusing on the money! Focus on card 3, be consistent with card 3, but don’t keep looking at the “bottom line” of things. Hate to say this, Universe, but thin air won’t keep me or the kids warm! *laugh*

What do I need to be consistent with? The 3 of discs is about teamwork, dedication, or working in a group. Now, funny enough as I write this, I created my own FB CLUB just before I started writing this post. It’s all about building a wee community of people who “get” me, get my way of working, of reading Tarot, of helping. This isn’t for the money (though, gratefully received!) it’s more about the community than monetising it.

Other Things

It’s my job to make you think, to help you change your way of thinking from “I can’t” do that to “Heck, what was I worried about?!” – It’s my job to show you what is possible, to show you the things/people/situations you might want to avoid or even head straight into! The power of choice on the motorway of life is yours to drive into, or avoid. I’m just going to show you what the signs mean, as they appear, right now.

I offer a lot of my work for free. My regular blog posts, my daily draws & meme insights are all free. Check out the site for more (I’ve years of info on here!) & it’s time for you to go do what you need to go & do. For me, I’ll be cooking dinner for the 5 of us & enjoying the company of my children.

With blessings!

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Set Your Future – Only YOU Can!
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