The Year of the Earth Dog – Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year is about to start. Are you ready for the Year of the Earth Dog?

It’s New Year time again, but this time, for our Oriental friends. 

Reading up on when the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog happens, is quite confusing. Despite the fact that the New Year actually began for them on February 4th, the New Year is not celebrated until the New Moon of that lunar month; hence why it’s the 16th of February this year.

Another thing I’ve learned this year (which I haven’t known these last 12 years!) is that there are colours for each animal!  Someone told me it was brown this year & I was like, “ya what?! Colours?! No way!! :O” But it was yes way, there are colours. There are also genders; so this year is the year of the “Male brown earth dog”. My eldest was born in a Dog year, a Fire Dog but I cannot find out the colour of the dog (I’m thinking red?) or the gender associated with it. The last time the Earth Dog was here, was 1948! Yes, quite a while ago!

Tarot & The Earth Dog

earth dogSo, what does this have to do with Tarot? In truth, not a lot, not yet. Like most people, I love Chinese food. I’d love to go to China & Japan, explore the cultures of these two great nations, but I’m not able to, not yet. However, my interest to go & to embrace that culture, to learn, is there. I think it always will be.

Dogs, according to this site (& others I’ve read, but I’ve stuck with these two!) are loyal, straightforward, generous & faithful. They can make their dreams come true because their expectations are realistic. They’re not set off in the clouds, no matter what element they are. They are gentle, they are kind & have a bright, true hope for the future; they don’t know how else to be. They’re really the kind of people who wear their heart on their sleeves.

The year promises to be somewhat exhausting, frustrating, resting. Most of the Chinese astrology website’s I’ve looked at, say that this year is going to be medically changing for people. A healthier lifestyle will be more necessary, doing more sports & getting rid of bad habits. Financially, this animal & element brings good fortune to most of the other signs too; with the old adage of: be careful out there!

The Dog & The Cards

Dog Spread using Osho Zen TarotI created this little spread for you to try, based on the Dog characteristics. It’s a yearly thing & it’ll be interesting to see how it comes out after a year.

1/ How can I embrace the Brown Earth Dog this Chinese New Year? XII – New Vision
2/ What should I avoid doing with the Brown Earth Dog this Chinese New Year? – 10 of Fire
3/ What should I be looking for this Chinese New Year? – 2 of Water

1/ The New Vision card (Major 12) equates to the Hanged Man in the RWS system but the meaning of this card deepens my knowledge of the Hanged Man. This card talks about understanding growing in two main directions, then slowly moving into the other eight, so we fill out all ten directions of growth. So, the question is, which direction have I been avoiding for a time? Focus on that… grow in that direction.

2/ The 10 of Fire is about what I should avoid doing? Its keyword is suppression. So, stop kidding myself that I don’t “need” it. I know I need to grow in different ways this year. Now I should actually do it. So how does this fit? Well, it’s a fire card, but it is at the end of the number line. Not wanting to feel things anymore is normal, being weary is normal (even if I do look like a permanently exhausted woman!) I should not let any of that stop me.

3/ The 2 of Water is about friendliness, very akin to the 2 of Cups. It’s about making friends, just being there for people. I’m far more selective now in my middle years, about who I spend time with & time on. My family, first & foremost. My friends, second & like anything else, I have to work at them. So, keep the friendship there, keep working at them whilst being open to new ones as they enter my life.

This is the first time I’ve ever used the Osho Zen, so I hope you enjoy this blog post! You can contact me regardless or leave a comment.

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The Year of the Earth Dog – Chinese New Year
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