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Annie the Musical - Original

The Tarot Blog Hop is 50 with this Hop! 50 posts have been created, shared, cascaded, hopped between & across. Wow, 50! Happy birthday to us!

Now, we all know the internet is made of Cats & with that in mind, it’s time to become a cat! Well, almost as it’s musical time!


Welcome to the Spring Equinox Tarot Blog Hop, however you’ve landed here. The question that our Wrangler has this for us as the challenge this time: Unleash your inner Gleek and stand on the balcony and sing for forgiveness as you explore your relationship with Tarot and Music! Musicals aren’t my mug of tea.

Musical Blog Hop

Now, I’m NOT one for being on stage, at all! In the choir, the supporting team, backstage, lighting, anything other than the central stage. Once I get going though, I’m OK! I’m tone deaf too, so a musical is so not me! However, I do hear music when I’m reading. I had Oasis come through in a reading recently, along with Country Music (Kingsmen 2 & John Denver, anyone?) & quite often, I’ll hear lyrics that have come through as if I’m hearing them on an old MW dial stereo; I’ll catch a snippet & then it’s out of tune. But the snippet stays until I sing it, say it or pass it on.

So, here’s the thing (to answer the Wrangler’s question): Does my deck have its own music? Well, yes! Sometimes the artists change. Sometimes the tunes change but the message that they present, does not. It’s always relevant, whatever the lyrics are that I hear. Take The Wildwood, for example, if often set & when I read with it, I often hear Clannad tunes, but not always. With the Radiant Rider Waite Smith, I hear anything from Stevie Nicks to Oasis, Liam & Noel as solo artists to Fleetwood Mac, even artists I don’t recognise!

As I type this blog post up, this is the track I’m listening to from YouTube; Clannad. A good compilation that someone created of Clannad that for me, brings back so many childhood/adolescent memories. Music is an audible art; it can invoke so many memories, create some, anchor us or send us back to times of despair. Annie the Musical - OriginalMusic is like smells, they connect us, regardless of what style it is you listen to.

My daughter is getting into the musical act herself now; she loves Annie & Frozen (not in that order!). She can dance around to music that is playing & she often asks us to play one of these two musicals. Of course, having seen them now quite a few times, I walk away once they’ve started playing. I’ll stay close by, but otherwise, she’s on her own with Elsa & Annie! Though, not totally alone, her Ancestors are there, enjoying the show too. I can sense them & they seem to enjoy my daughter’s antics as much as the show on the gogglebox! I just have to come in for the scary bits (as she calls them!) so she can have her cuddles! I’m going to introduce her to Mary Poppins soon!

Before I pass you onto Jay, I wanted to share with you one last Clannad album; the one that I first listened to; that stirred my soul as much as The Wildwood does; Magical Ring. Enjoy! (p.s. Track 6 got me hooked, then track 1, then the album! English GSCE revision, remembered, thanks to this album!



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The Tarot Blog Hop : The Musical!

13 thoughts on “The Tarot Blog Hop : The Musical!

  1. I only ever got into Clannad in passing, but I did quite like Enya. Perhaps it is time to revisit 🙂

  2. I often link many of the Druid, Pagan & Wicca decks with Clannad or Enigma funnily enough. So I completely relate to what you were saying, although every so often I find there’s a bit of Fleetwood or Stevie in there as well.

  3. I love listening to all the recommended music from each blogger! Clannad takes me back and is a great choice. I’m glad the Wildwood recommended it!

    1. I spent MANY an evening listening to my music, on repeat 😉
      Ask my sister… actually; please don’t 😛

  4. I still listen to Clannad, as well as music from other Irish bands of that era…sounds like it is time to break out the music again! Here’s one of my favourites, for your enjoyment… remember Siúil A Rún? -love the melody that’s now in my head!

  5. “Music is like smells…”
    That’s a great observation. Yes they do connect us and I think it’s interesting also how both have the power to evoke old memories back to life…
    Thanks Louise.

  6. I have never heard of Clannad! Checked it on youtube, Thank you Luise!!!!!

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