Be Proud of Yourself!

We’ve all had our noses to the grindstone of late. Lift your head up & be proud!

Being proud of what we’ve achieved is not a bad thing, providing we leave the dining table when the feasting is done.

Lifting your head up & acknowledging what you’ve accomplished is something some of us are better at than others. This week, with Mercury going direct again & things finally moving forwards, it’s time to take stock to acknowledge and be proud of what it is we’ve accomplished so far.

What have you done today, to make you proud? I hear the incredible voice of Heather Small when I hear that sentence. It doesn’t have to be today, it doesn’t have to be this week, though it’ll be more relevant if you can point to something that makes your soul ascend that you’ve achieved this week! I was proud of myself to keep things ticking over for the business whilst the kids had their Easter break. I’m glad they’re back though, it means I can think & do what I need to do when I need to do them.

There are many other things that you can be proud of. You can be proud of getting enough sleep; of waking up & having a coffee. You don’t always need to do huge things! It could be that you gave your small change to a homeless person, or that you put that change to use in a charity shop & not have something go to landfill. It could be that you’ve placed your trust in someone who hasn’t let you down (like the vet’s I had to visit this morning for the pooch). I’m happy to talk to people about what they can do feel proud.


It might also be as simple as not taking someone else’s head off when they’ve said something stupid or inconsiderate. The recent Mercury retrograde certainly bought a lot of undesirable creates out from the woodwork & there’s going to be more to come this year. That said, there’s always time for you to do something today to make yourself feel proud.

The Cards & The Spread

1/ What is stopping you from feeling proud? ~ Knight of Rods
2/ What can you do to overcome it? ~ XIII Death
3/ What can you do today, to make yourself feel proud? ~ 8 of Cups

1/ Knight of Rods; This court card just makes me smile & I so get what might be stopping you (or even me!); someone told you not to feel like that or that it’s bad to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Ha! They were probably loud, obnoxious, sincere, helpful, dynamic & in your life for a few moments.

2/ XIII – Death; Sometimes, the tarot can be quite literal! In this case, though it’s not, it nearly might be! Telling them to “take a hike” right out of your site & keep on going until they hit the ocean, then keep on going even further, sounds about right! Cut them right out of your life, pronto! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Their sourness, spit-ness & vitriol have no place in your life. Ignore them, tell them to take a hike (colourfully if you wish!) & don’t let them piddle on your leg to tell you it’s raining. (Gotta love Judge Judy, haven’t you?)

3/ 8 of Cups; Brilliant ending card! Go pursue your dreams, go live your life, go make yourself emotionally happy & fulfilled. Sod what the negative naysayers are saying; they’re not exactly working with your best interests at heart!


To get your pride back on, tell whoever is putting you down & saying you shouldn’t be proud, to sod the heck off & then sod off a wee bit more. Actually, a lot more, preferably to where the Atlantic & the Pacific meet; in a leaky boat. With no life jacket. I’m sure you get my drift & intention there. Really, sever ties with them as quickly as is possible!


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Be Proud of Yourself!

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