Choosing Tarot & Being New To It

Choosing to use the Tarot to help you in life isn’t new, it’s as old as the whole cartomancy idea is, which is centuries old. Being new to it isn’t new either, promise.

Choosing your first deck is full of things you maybe should/shouldn’t do. Come with me, hand in hand & I’ll take you through a few of the “lores” of Tarot & getting your first deck.

Choosing to use the Tarot in your life ought to be a conscious decision. Knowing a few things first will help. Firstly, you may have heard you should be given your first deck! Well, when printing was expensive, your first deck was probably going to be from a grandparent, or if you were lucky & they were young enough; a great-grandparent, as it would be an investment. These days, that’s not likely to happen, though it can & great if it does!

If you fancy a specific deck or the look of one, go buy it! There are great sellers online for these things, starting with perhaps the Book Depository, The Tarot Garden or Amazon. If you can, get along to a Tarot Meetup. The one I run, I always bring about 40+ decks for people to browse, especially the newer ones that I’ve bought. Some go down well, others, not so much!

You’ll likely be told to keep them in black silk in a wooden box. Before we had hard plastic boxes that came in every shape & size under the Sun, this was rather realistic. I’ve given a wooden ornate box to my daughter for her deck. That also helps her keep it safe & away from her sometimes sticky fingers! However, most of my decks are in Tarot bags that I’ve had made either by myself or by AniaM. It depends if I want something really special or something I’ve made because I’ve had the inclination (& the fabric along with the time!) to make it.

More Myths


Another one you’ll hear is; “It’s all fortune-telling!” Ha! It can be, but it’s not often. I use it more for mindfulness, self-introspection, responsibility & for my own mental health. If I can use it for that, I can use it for that for you. So can you! With this avenue, comes great responsibility. Yes, okay, that’s quoting from Spider Man, but trust me, when you hear the innermost secrets that someone hasn’t yet uttered to another soul, ridiculing the lovely person who has trusted you, belittling them, won’t get very far for very long. The story the cards tell don’t pull punches. They’ll hit you in the gut, they’ll shout & you, they’ll state the damn obvious. Then the Universe might kick you up the rear end because you’re still trying to kid yourself your head isn’t in the sand.

You have to be psychic is another classic myth; as I say in my bio, it happens! Not always, but it does! If you’re not prepared to deal with this, just use it for your own means. Not everyone who turns to the cards to help them through life has/is going to be a professional & not every professional is a psychic or a medium. Whilst I can glean messages from the other side, they come through the cards. It’s all to do with the context of your question.

Extended Lore

Oh, another one I want to tackle; I can go pro in 6 weeks! Err, really?! Sorry, NO… I learned for 2 years before I turned pro & even then, I still had a baptism by fire. I have offered free readings, been used, got abused.  I’ve blocked people, cried with people, cried for people. I can tell when people won’t help themselves. I have eternal hope. I want people to be happy, I want people to be better than they were yesterday. I want that for myself, for my children. Yes, you can get a basic understanding of say, the Minors (Ace through to 10 in each of the suits) or the Majors or Courts in that time. The whole deck, in that 6 weeks, with combinations & spreads? Using the phrase from the lovely & great, late Kirsty McCall, Honey, I don’t think so!

Choosing how to use the Tarot in your life is down to you. All I can implore you is to have some ethics. Put yourself in the position of the person before you if you’re going pro, think of the consequences you’re starting to engage here. TABI helped me come up with my own ethics, they gave me an idea of what kind of person I would be very happy to go & have a reading from. That is the reader I wanted to be, this is who I am.

Here’s the question you might want to consider; Who are you & who do you want to be? How can I help you transform into that person?

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Choosing Tarot & Being New To It
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