The Summer Solstice: Hello Lithia!

The Summer Solstice is here, at last! Hip-hip-hooray!

What is it YOU are reaching for this season? I offer you a seasonal spread to try out now & at any time you wish!

The weather outside is delightful & the fire is not delightful, & since I’ve places to go, I’m going out, I’m going out, I’m going out. (Sing those words to the tune of “Let it Snow” from Bing Crosby & then read on!) The Summer Solstice is here, welcome to the height of Summer!

The days are long, the nights are short, hot & often humid. Growing up, I never saw the need for me to be in bed for 9 pm (or earlier!) but I now know that a good nights rest is helpful to my wellbeing; both physically & mentally. Try telling that to my kids though! At this time of the year, it’s important to take an assessment of the first six months of the year. How did it go for you? What do you want to change? Decide what needs chasing. Think about what needs to change. Looking back might just send you to sleep, or you might choose to do this with a class of something nice to sip whilst you ponder.

summer solstice spreadI’ve created this Solstice Spread based on the Tarot workbook that Mary & I use at the Tarot Academy Meet Ups in Droitwich & Halesowen. Each month we look at a few aspects; the Wheel of Year & Astrological links. Since the 6th House is all about Self Improvement, Service, Health & Nutrition, I devised this spread based on aspects of those subjects. You can change the card meanings to suit your own needs. I’ve chosen 5 cards because of clematis flowers & because it’s 5, it’s an odd number & a good one.

1/ What do I need to leave behind? The Lovers
2/ What do I really wish for? 7 of Cups
3/ How can I improve myself? 9 of Wands
4/ Who do I best serve at this point? 4 of Wands
5/ How can I refill my well of resources? 4 of Pentacles


The Reveal & The Explanation

summer solstice revealWhat do I need to leave behind? The Lovers

I’m terrible! I have developed this little habit of buying things I don’t need but might want. It’s a bad part of The Lovers & it’s getting habitual (but not in a good way!) It’s time I looked after myself a different way & leave behind the bad habits. This summer solstice, that’s what I need to do; look after me in a new way.

What do I really wish for? 7 of Cups

This is a tough one! I’ve SO many ideas that at times, I don’t quite know what it is I want to achieve. I know what I want the rewards to be, but I’m not quite sure how to get there! Which “dream” is it I’m supposed to be following? Astrologically, there’s more than one way to get what I want, I have to be diverse.

How can I improve myself? 9 of Wands

Not everyone has been through the same journey & battles that I have. For that, I’m glad. However, to improve myself I need to remind myself that my battles were my own; not everyone will deal with what I have on the same basis I have. My battles have made me who I am with the ethics & code that I have. I am me. It’s time to stand up & be open to the possibilities of the future, starting with today, the summer solstice.

Last Two Cards & Conclusion

Who do I best serve at this point? 4 of Wands

I serve to make people happy! So, you, my wonderful blog readers, my wonderful customers who I’ve helped realise that the sun still rises the following morning & that life is worth living.

How can I refill my well of resources? 4 of Pentacles

This has been the theme for most of this year; the financial rewards for doing what I’m doing. Yes, it’s soul-fulfilling to help people, to see people turn things around just by being shown that there is another way. That doesn’t help me buy more cards, or give the kids their pocket-money. Money is essential for life these days & whilst bartering is good (Yes, I’ve bartered trades before, I’m open to that!) being paid for the energy exchange, as you would do in a shop or café, is essential. So, being diverse is perhaps the message from this card & the 9 of Wands.


Look after myself in a way that doesn’t involve me spending money I don’t have. Focus on my dreams (the realistic ones!) & remembering that I’ve come a long way, my battles define who I was, not who I can become. Do it for the love of helping & the rewards (financial!) should come as a matter of course. Put aside what I’m given in rewards, like a squirrel (or a rather prudent housekeeper!) for more than a rainy day.

Nothing like being told off & being school by the Tarot, is there?




Mini Bio: Louise lives & works in the Black Country, a colourful part of the West Midlands. She’s passionate about helping you from where you are
now, to where you want to be. There’s no “fortune” telling involved in what she does, it’s more like coaching/counselling with the cards as a prompt for ideas. Louise travels to your home for the added comfort of a reading in your own environment, or she can connect with you online via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts & FB Messenger. She’s available for 1-2-1 & parties. You can find out more by contacting her directly on her mobile, 07505 462397 or via email at


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The Summer Solstice: Hello Lithia!
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