New Moon in Cancer – Time To Learn

cancer new moon

The next New Moon is upon us & this time, it’s in the watery, Cardinal sign of Cancer.

This means, that they’re the initiator, the people who start the ball rolling. They’re the ones that’ll plant the seeds & see what you do with it. 

The best view I have of people who are of the sun sign of Cancer is my dad. It wasn’t the first time through my life that he’d suggest something to me one week, & I’d repeat it back to him as a great idea I’d had a week later. He’d just smile & nod. It took me a few years to work out he was the one planting the idea & letting me come around to it on my own.

He’d have made a great leader, but unlike his two daughters, he was never comfortable standing up & talking to a group of people, to teach them, to advise, though he was, would have been & still is, brilliant at it. While it makes me nervous, ten seconds in & I’m swimming away, happy to be talking & probably talking too much due to the nerves of the situation to boot! However, he’s still a great dad, one I go to for advice & one that the kids listen to (haha! More than they listen to their parents anyway!)

The Cards & Spread

cancer new moon

Based on the qualities of this cardinal sign & the new moon, I’ve created this 5 card spread for you to try for yourselves. Let me know how you get on with it!

1/ What do I need to learn here? 7 of Bows

2/ Why am I not comfortable with the learning? 10 of Cups

3/ What do I need to realise isn’t an option? Major 13, The Journey

4/ How can I take advantage of the situation? The Green Woman

5/ What will help me face reality? (Read this upright!) Page of Stones, Lynx



1/ 7 of Bows; I need to learn to finish things off, tidy things up, clear things away. It might seem mundane but it’s hard to start something new with a lot of clutter from the past projects & endeavours sitting around, taking up creative space! So, I need to learn to tidy up. Yeah, my dad won’t believe that one! Proofreading it before scheduling has made me work out something else I need to finish off. Thanks, Tarot!

2/. 10 of Cups; I’m not comfortable being happy?! I don’t get this & it’s taken me a few hours of thinking to work out why. I think I “have” it. When I get to the 10, I know I’ve gotta start again on the next leg. Do I want to? I’d rather not, I think, but you know what? That’s how the cookie crumbles, so best I get on with it! Though, I have also worked out that I’m not comfortable just “sitting” after a while. Enjoy the rewards, but onto

3/ Death as the part of “What’s not an option?” Well, throwing in the towel, really! Changing my direction too much? Come on Universe, if I’m on the right path, gonna show me? #ThankYou

In some weird ways though, I think you have shown me & I’m not sure, but you know, another arrow in my quiver.

Interpretation Cont…

4/ How can The Green Woman help me take advantage of the situation? She’s about protection, of learning, of initiation. She’s also about loving & fertile relationships (human & universal abound) This lady is also about responsibility & I feel it’s going to be a cloak I’ll be wearing from her for a good long while. Slightly heavier than the one I’ve been wearing these last 42 years. I’m not sure I have any Cancer traits in my chart, I’ll have to go & check it out.

5/ The Lynx is a great card to show me how to face the reality. The Lynx observes from the shadows. It’s time I wasn’t quite in the limelight, that I “hid” to work on what I need to work on but keep an eye on what’s going on around me, in my communities & family. It’s time to lead them as The Green Woman leads us; with sovereignty & gentleness. A very Cancer style trait!


So, in a nutshell, get your house in order girl! There’s too much clutter in your way & you do need space to create & be yourself, to explore yourself. You’re on a new journey, like it or lump it (Hey, no fair!) so get with it & stop trying to stay in the state of happiness. You’ve many other states of happiness to find & experience! Oh & please, do not try to give up on what you started when you were 16 not-s-young-lady. You knew this was for life (the Wiccan path) so don’t fight me on it now. Embrace your power, you’re just realising what it is now you’ve done the hard work with birthing children!  Watch, observe, help where & when you can, lead when you need to, but lead them to the path they’re meant to be on, then let them walk it & bless them on their way.


Mini Bio:

Louise lives & works in the Black Country, a colourful part of the West Midlands. She’s passionate about helping you from where you are now, to where you want to be. There’s no “fortune” telling involved in what she does, it’s more like coaching/counselling with the cards as a prompt for ideas. Louise can travel to your home for the added comfort of a reading in your own environment (within a certain distance), or she can connect with you online via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts & FB Messenger. She’s available for 1-2-1 & parties. You can find out more by contacting her directly, via her mobile 07505 462397 or via email at 
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New Moon in Cancer – Time To Learn
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