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Welcome to the Mabon Blog Hop.

As the nights draw in (or draw out) it’s time to bring some balance back to your life. The question is, how?

Life is a funny old game, isn’t it? A few months ago, it was perfect! We had everything we could want or wish for, with life being abundant around us. Then, disaster strikes & things get thrown out of whack. A few weeks later & it’s looking up again. Balance is a funny old thing, it doesn’t stick around forever & it seems quite hard to pin down for any great length of time.

What is balance?

If you’ve ever seen Firefly (either the TV series or the conclusion movie, Serenity) then you’ll know that balance is meant to be fleeting. It is meant to last as long as the snowdrops, the daffodils, the tulips. It’s because we as humans don’t strive ourselves forward if we’ve no challenges in life.

Okay, we get more balance in the summer when the days are hot & long, but even then, we get balance again in the depths of winter. We get seasons because that’s what helps bring balance. It’s not a permanent thing & as humans, we’d be as bored as a plank of wood if we had everything in balance all the time.


However, we sometimes have too much time that’s unbalanced, or out of balance. Like a set of old kitchen scales, you can’t make level we frustrate ourselves when things are out of balance for too long. So, how can we head back towards the middle road again, even for a little while? The trick I’ve found is to work out what’s missing. In my case, with the loss of my beloved companion Molly, it was easy to work out: We just simply needed another dog. Not just any dog, but the RIGHT dog. Finding them was hard & we’ve now gone down a route we hadn’t intended to. Neo - balanceWe’ve reserved a puppy. Mainly because dog rehoming centres don’t (most won’t!) rehome if there are children under 8 in the house (my daughter) or we can’t find one that’s tolerant to cats (Yes, got one of those too). Combine the two, it’s near impossible!

So, with a specific breed in mind (one that we are partly used to because of our previous dog) & with the walking boots needing a dusting off, we’ve gone for this little bundle of fluff.

In The Chaos, There Is Balance

He’s going to cause chaos as he & us adjust. As the kids get used to playing with him but then letting him rest. He’ll be glad when they go to school; give him a wee break & a routine with me, but for the first 4 or 5 days, he’s not going to have much of a routine, we’ll all be playing it by ear!

How does this relate to the Tarot? Well, before I went to physically see him, these were the cards I drew from the Ostara Tarot. (The time of year that our Southern Hemisphere readers are now entering)

Patience is not one of my strong points. Ask anyone who has met me. If I want it, I want it there & then, not in a few weeks time. This little bundle though, I cannot have right now. He’s not old enough to leave his mum (even though she’s pretty much done with weaning him!) so like these two cards, I have to be patient & carry on with life each day, preparing for his arrival & doing what I need to do each day (one of which was writing this blog post!)

Going Forward

So, now you’ve read my balancing news, heard my idea of rebalancing your life, I’m off to tidy up some more of the house, puppy proof a little more (if such a thing is possible!) & enjoy going to the loo on my own. Because like most collies, he’ll no doubt be my 6 o’clock shadow for the first weeks.

When I am done with that, I’ll be grabbing a hot drink (again, because I’ll have the chance!) & hoping along to Jay’s post. Check the links out below!


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Tarot Blog Hop ~ The Art of Balance

9 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop ~ The Art of Balance

  1. The photo of your puppy made my day! So cute! I like the solution of working out what’s missing. I imagine a story problem, the kind where you have only two measuring cups and have to measure some unusual and precise amount of something or other. The solution is always to add so much, then take away so much until it’s right. It seems so complicated and when you hear the answer it’s really quite simple.

    1. So do I! Trying to get the kids to put their toys away in boxes so the pup can’t chew them is proving hard! I see experience is going to be a hard teacher!

  2. So sorry to hear about Molly’s passing. This new pup is so lucky to have found a house with so much love to give <3

  3. What a lovely puppy and a really beautiful deck, the art work is really calling to where I am right now. Think I might need to hunt it out.

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