Welcome, 2019! You’re a Three Year Expectation

Major #3 - The Green Woman

2019 is a Three year; 2 + 1 + 9 = 12, 1+2 =3. Simple numerology works & this year, after the “choices” of 2018, we need some dynamic changes & energies coming into shift things along.

Why do we need to take action? Well, sitting on the fence isn’t really going to be an option this year.

3’s come in various shapes & colours. For the first blog post of 2019, I’d like to introduce you to the Threes of the Tarot. 

Major #3 - The Green WomanFirst up is one of the most obvious ones; The Empress. In that milky cauldron of hers, anything could be brewing. From ideas about something to do to the solution to something that’s been bothering you. There’s a whole mix brewing in this cauldron & it’s up to you to take a sip, or not. The power of choice is always down to you.

This lady is also about looking after yourself. That milky solution could be a bath bomb being made (or a whole shop load of the stuff being made!) or the ideas that mill around inside your head, waiting for an outlet. It’s up to you what is in there (or to work out what is in there!) so enjoy working that out!

She’s also about looking after others around you; parents, children (grown ones too!) extended family, friends, pets, neighbours. The list can go on & on, but at some point, you might have to be creative in how you care for others & allow time for yourself.


Her Other Reflective Side;

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The number three can stand on its own but it can also be made up of adding 1+2 together, which brings us to the number 12, The Mirror. Yes, you can do 2+1 & get 21, The World Tree, but that’s next.

She’s the Hanged Man of this deck, she’s the one that reflective, or at least she offers it. How do we want to be seen? How do we want to be remembered? It’s not easy working that out but at times we need to act on that understanding. Do we want to be the angry narcissist or the considerate person who helped?

Some can make the distinction; clearly, others cannot. Remember, what anyone else does isn’t always about you; it’s just that you think it is & it’s time to build a bridge & get over yourself. Do what you need to do to be remembered for being you.


The Ever Changing 3;

The World Tree is the other side of the Magical 3, obtained by adding 2+1; since the Tarot is made up of 22 Majors, we have a 21 as well as a 12.

The World Tree shows that things have to change throughout the year. From the depths of a cold winter to the dizzy warm heights of summer to the seasons between where things are sometimes more balanced than not, there’s always a subtle change on the go.

It doesn’t matter where you are on this tree when you begin, at some point you’ll end up back where you started; or have you?

Can you see the Sidhe maze before the tree? You’ve changed, you’ve made decisions, you’ve grown so you’re now different from you were 12 months ago. You’ve transitioned into who you are now. Who you are now is not who you will be in 12 months from now (note; 12 = 3 😉 ) so you can either embrace the changes that you’ll go through, or fight them. You’re on a different level now, which is not so easy to see, but easier to feel & sense within yourself.

The Minor 3’s;

Three is not as stable in real life as the number two is; think of a 3 legged stool (which my 9-year-old can still fall off of!) or having two walking sticks to climb a steep hill will help provide stability. A lot of what may happen this year comes from how we deal with the heartache, the friendships, the working relationships & how we use the passion we have within to decide, is all connected.

We can’t all be stable & things do not change if there’s no room to grow. This year, it’s all about a gentle growth; it’s not big like the 5 or the 7 or even the 9’s are. Note how all the odd numbers are the growth numbers, the dynamic numbers & the even ones are the stable, safe ones? Have a think about that for yourself. How do those numbers work out for yourself in real life? My favourite number is 7.

Here’s a gallery of the four 3’s in question, all from The Wildwood. I’d like you to think about how the odd numbers appear in your life. 2019 is a year to embrace the changes in all areas that are coming. Good luck & may you make 2019 the best year for yourself that you can! You’ll encounter these 4 & the two above a few times I’ll wager in the next 365 days.




Mini Bio

I live & work in the Black Country, a colourful part of the West Midlands. I’m passionate about helping you from where you are now, to where you want to be. There’s a little “fortune-telling” involved in what I do, though it’s more like coaching/counselling with the cards as a prompt for ideas. I can travel to your home for the added comfort of a reading in your own environment (within a certain distance), via Wyrd & Wonderful in Brierley Hill, or I can connect with you online via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, FB Messenger or another such platform. I’m available for 1-2-1 & parties. You can find out more by contacting me directly either via my mobile, 07505 462397 or via email.
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Welcome, 2019! You’re a Three Year Expectation
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