Top Decks Review for 2018

I was SO good during 2018; until the last quarter of the year that is, when everything that was beautiful in the Tarot World, sprung forward to tempt me. Here’s my review of 2018’s obtained decks.

I’ve been getting fussier with my deck choices over the years; not just having everything that’s out there or launched because it’s new. 

I’ve listed the decks I wish to review, tell you about & highlight. There’s a link to my best acquisitions for 2018 with the unboxing video’s (if I did them already!) so you can see for yourself what they’re like. Ignore me if you see me, just listen & enjoy!

1/ Spirit Keepers Tarot.

spirit keeper tarot deck review imageBenebell Wen outdid herself with the first edition & she’s looking to smash it again with the second edition. I love her black & white drawing of the cards, the detail she’s gone into with each. I watched her post about creating this & it’s making my efforts look like wet lettuce my chickens wouldn’t touch! I’ll get mine done, eventually but here’s me unboxing this beauty.

What made it even more special, was meeting her to get my copy. I didn’t have the book to go with the deck as I hadn’t had the link to get it printed (if you wanted it, you paid for it) & I know she was amazed, floored & knackered from producing it as she did it with her husband, no extra staff. Unboxing Video


2/ StarMan Tarot

starman tarot deck review imageAnyone who grew up in the 80’s, knows of the movie, Labyrinth. They’ll, therefore, know, David Bowie. Those born & raised before then will know him in so many other guises with the best being Ziggy Stardust. The artist behind that artwork created the images for this deck. Bowie though never got to see it come to life or understand that there was a whole other World waiting to talk with him about what the images mean. It hurts to review knowing that, but I do love it. I don’t know if the artist was involved or worked with Bowie on that spiritual scale. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? I’ll find out at the UK Tarot Conference in October. Unboxing Video

The length of them means that they have to be shuffled height wise, not sideways. That can be a problem even for those of us with larger hands.

3/ Spirit Within

spirit within tarot deck review imageSteven Bright created this deck & I have to say, it’s becoming one of my “go to” decks. The silhouette imagery on the colourful backgrounds makes the deck very uncluttered, easy to work with but deep when you view the cards a second time. It is also quite Rider-Waite-Smith based, so the minors are not pipped (thank goodness!)

They’re also slightly more square than a standard deck, which might be better for smaller hands. As you can see, the images are striking!

There’s also a new book that came out at the tail end of 2018. It’s called In Focus Tarot: Your Personal Guide.


4/ Guardian Tarot

guardian tarot deck review imageI saw this & I know of Beth Seilonen through our various Tarot facebook groups. This deck was on my Christmas Wish List, so I was dumbstruck with its characters, artwork & style when I opened it up. I actually thought I’d dislike it, but out of the ones I received at Christmas, this one really appeals. I’ve used it since & like the Spirit Within, it is one of my go-to decks. I’m glad I got to review & list it here.

The cards are more square than normal & suit smaller hands. The card stock is good & has taken a few rifflings already (not that you’d notice!)


5/ Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards

witches wisdom tarot deck review imageThis isn’t Tarot, I know. However, it’s great for working a circle in a hurry, or if you can’t have the usual items out. These cards are created by Barbara Meiklejohn-free & Flavia Kate Peters. They’re a deck of 48 cards & range from the Cloak (hinting at concealment) to the Watchtowers & the seasons. The silver gilt-edging makes them beautiful to hold.

I can cast a circle using these cards as my Watchtowers & have a card up on the dresser as a reminder of what I need to do, be or embody. Barbara & Flavia make it a little easier to circle cast on the go! Bright blessings!


I did intend on posting this up earlier, but I’ve not been feeling the desire to post anything; until now. So, slowly you’ll see more posts come up from me as the year & desire progresses.




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Top Decks Review for 2018

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  1. Great post. I’m working with the Starman Tarot now. Beautiful artwork. I’m a little older than you so I began loving David Bowie in the 70’s with the song “Fame” 🙂

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