The Tarot & Their Elements


The Tarot cards link directly to 5 elements. If you’re trying to learn the Tarot or are just curious about it, this might help you get a basic understanding.

Most people think that’s just the 4 main elements of air, fire, water & earth. But there is a 5th; Spirit/Soul.

That’s usually attributed to The Majors, though some decks create another suit for that so that they have 5 sets of minors & then the Majors. Understanding the elements will help you with the deck you’ve chosen to read/learn with. I strongly suggest you do not start with a deck that has 5 minor suits.

Depending on your attitude, you may find that actually, the Rider-Waite-Smith isn’t a style of deck that is for you. It’s by far the most popular version out there but it’s not the only one. There is Tarot de Marseille (TdM) & Thoth, as another “system” of Tarot but even then, the 3 main groups follow a set Tarot structure: 4 minors of 14 cards & 22 Majors

Okay, so what are the elements? Earth, Wind, Fire & … Water.


This deals with the practical matters of life, such as job, money & home. It suit can be called Stones, Pentacles, Earth, Coins… they all link to this practical side of getting stuff done. Like, redecorating requires money so you can buy the materials, resources & the time to do it.

This image on the left is from Ace of Stones is from The Wildwood deck. Notice how things have been carved into the monolith? Goodness knows what they say if they say anything at all, but it’s a foundation stone or can be, for more practical matters.

It can represent a waypoint, a compass, a direction. When you see this, what does it make you see?

The image on the right is from the Robin Wood; again, same/similar card but does it say anything different. It might & if it does, that’s good! If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.



Fire is always a good one, it’s hot, it’s passionate. It destroys & it gives way to new life by clearing out the old.


Have you ever seen a forest floor months after a fire, or a few years? The amount of new growth is unbelievable! But that is nature, doing what she does best; regrowing. The same concept is with the fire here.

The 3 of Wands from Ramses Egyptian deck to the left doesn’t hint at fire directly, but it does hint at passion, of regrowth. A passion to live, to eat, to grow things, to work together. The 6 of Bows from the Wildwood to the right, hints at sharing, passion, coming together. Add in friends, an abundance of food & fire & you’ve pretty much got your party started. Just add in alcohol for good measure & then you’ve got some dancing going on, Carlton Style.



Want to clear out your mind? The rest will follow. Your mind is as important to the process as anything else, if not more so.


Your feelings can be dictated by your mind, your mind can dictate your feelings & your actions. Some think more with their head, other’s don’t use their head at all, or to so far later than they ought to. Sourcing fromRoadhouse here; some comments are designed to make you respond in a certain way. So, be nice until it’s time to not be nice. What you say about people, to people can affect them much more than your actions can.

Anything that cuts through the air, such as Swords, Athame’s, Arrows & other metal objects are often used to depict air, because of the swooshing sound accompanied when you well, swoosh it through the air!


My favourite element; mainly because of the sign I’m born under, but it’s certainly one that we all share. We share the others too, to varying degrees. So, what does Water represent? waterOur emotions, our emotional responses, our anger, our ability to hurt others, or support them. These are all down to emotional responses. We can inflict pain with our emotionally charged words; we can heal with them too.

It’s possible to bring down someone’s world, crash their minds. Or help them rebuild. How we are feeling dictates how we act. It’s not something to be ignored; only now we’re waking up to the damage we can cause with it, as well as the healing we can all do.

Whatever the water suit is called, remember this: water can erode the most immovable of objects, just because it is in the path needed to be taken. Look at the White Cliffs of Dover or The Grand Canyon for two such examples. How many others can you name here?


Cheerio For Now

Blog posts such as this have been a while in coming. Grief, as I am sure you all understand, is not linear. It’s like a huge ball of string, often wrapped up with no place to go. Like water, it’ll flow out; eventually. It has to. Like the daffodils of March, the bluebells of April, the ceanothus of May, I’m back blogging again. It is good to be back!

Also, you’ll maybe notice that there’s been a face-lift of the site slightly in a new theme & a change of WordPress Widgets in the background. Please subscribe to following the blog again; I had to remove that widget due to corruption so if you are back following me again, please follow via the new notification tool.

Different elements are now at play, though the water runs through them all.





I live & work in the Black Country, a colourful part of the West Midlands. I’m passionate about helping you from where you are now, to where you want to be. There’s a little “fortune-telling” involved in what I do, though it’s more like coaching/counselling with the cards as a prompt for ideas. I can travel to your home for the added comfort of a reading in your own environment (within a certain distance), via Wyrd & Wonderful in Brierley Hill, or I can connect with you online via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, FB Messenger or another such platform. I’m available for 1-2-1 & parties. You can find out more by contacting me directly either via my mobile, 07505 462397 or via email.


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The Tarot & Their Elements

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