Summer Solstice: Where Are You?!

Hey, Summer Solstice, you’re MIA from what I can see!

There’s been 2 months worth of rain in a week; what ARE you playing at?

It’s Flaming June, The Summer Solstice & Midsummer, but someone I think forgot to tell mamma nature to turn off the sprinklers! The rain is needed but 2 months supply in a week maybe isn’t quite what we need! Though, with it being the festival season, that’s not much of a surprise that the heavens have opened. Glastonbury & Download would not be the same unless you were cold, covered in mud, drunk & listening to music!

Summer Solstice

That said, I’d rather be at home in the warm, the dry. I don’t mind the rain, but like everyone else, I don’t want a shower whilst dressed & trying to get the dog walked, the chickens cleaned out, living life. Thankfully, I live in modern society, so I have raincoats, walking boots, wellies & other things necessary to keep me warm & dry. Curling up on the sofa is nice, where it’s dry & the dog can come & have cuddles.

I think someone upstairs needs to remind momma nature though, that this is the Summer Solstice. That means it’s the longest day for daylight! We’d like it warm, sunny, glorious & calm to celebrate the festivities in. Hiding from summer rain isn’t quite what we had in mind!

Full Moon

The full moon in Sagittarius happened at the start of last week, Tuesday to be exact. Sagittarians are known for their black & white view on life; yes or no. Sunny or cold. Wet or dry. Left or right. They have such a strong sense of what is right & wrong, they’re often found to be lawyers or working in some other profession where things are cut & dry. (Which at the moment, we’d all like more dry weather, wouldn’t we?!)

The Summer Solstice is the midpoint of the year. We’re now halfway to Yule/Christmas & that for me means birthday planning for the male half (3/4) of the house. Mid-Summer is here & with it, the thunderstorms have been forecast. Seriously, some of us NEED Vitamin D, so we’re pouting at the lack of sun right now. That, however, doesn’t mean it changes what I have planned; just means I have to adjust what I’m doing when & how. I don’t let the weather get me down.

Change It Up This Solstice

So, whilst I moaned slightly at the start, in truth, it’s just me moaning that I can’t do things how I originally wanted to do them. So, I have to adjust. We all do. Things change, often within moments of thinking of what needs doing next and we really don’t want to change what we just thought up as a plan. This is where I think a lot of people get miserable; they can’t do what they thought they could because they’re not thinking about the way in which they’re going to get it.

So, this Solstice, it’s time to adjust what you’ve done so far & what you’re going to do going forward. There are six months more of 2019; let’s go & make the most of it!







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Summer Solstice: Where Are You?!
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