Tarot Blog Hop : What Is My Harvest & How Do I Find It?

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop. It’s Autumn & it’s time to gather in the harvest. The leaves are Falling (for my American cousins) & down under, the leaves are budding. It’s halfway-point between summer & winter & our wrangler for this hop, Maureen Aisling Duffy-Boose, asked us to look at our harvests & how do we find what we need to harvest?

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This is a question often asked over & over in very many different ways. Another way to ask this would be: Am I on the right path? Who am I & why am I here? (No beer involved from me in the answering of, usually!) The usual answer is, what have you learned in the last 12 months, since last Mabon? Have you learned to be more cautious, more adventurous, brave & bold? What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know a year ago?

I’ve learned that I can love another dog, again. I knew I would but it took time. Neo is great & I’m back to enjoying nature & life again. Though, I do keep calling him Molly, then flustering when I remember he is not her.

Harvest isn’t just about gathering stuff in, it’s also about letting go of things that really, we don’t need to be dragging around anymore. If the trees can change, let their leaves go & do so in such a colourful way, surely we can too? We often need to stop carrying around the baggage that we think we should. Just because we’ve invested time into it, doesn’t mean we get to cart it around for the rest of our days. It’s time to cut things back, plant out the winter seeds & harvest the goodies of now.

The Spread

Here’s a Tarot spread that I created within my Tarot Meetup group on this subject last week;

  1. triangle spreadWhat do I NEED TO PRUNE? 
  2. What do I NEED TO PLANT?


  1. The Emperor came out for the stuff I need to prune. Talk about cutting back! The Emperor shows that he can be confrontational in a lot of situations. Perhaps I need to cut back the number of situations where I need to be confrontational.
  2. The 2 of Discs came out for the stuff I need to plant. Look for the better chances to create balance & harmony. They may only be little things but balancing my energy & showing the motherly love is going to be key.
  3. The last position had 2 cards come out, stuck together. The Lovers & The Queen of Rods. Some ideas of chances & changes are occurring going forward, look for the fertile ideas, the chances to learn more psychic skills. Remember that I can listen to the messages from my higher self & bring back some balance & passion to my life. Follow what’s right for me.


Here’s another take on the same 3 card spread;

  1. What can I CLEAR OUT?
  2. What is important to me in the MATERIAL WORLD (that I need to do, take care of – eg back to school tasks)? 
  3. What are my OTHER WORLD POSSIBILITIES?  New things to explore. 

If you’ve any different insight into the 3 cards I drew, please do share! I love talking results of spreads & comparing notes. It’s the fun thing about talking with other Tarotists; their unique perspectives add to our own.

Feel free to jump across to Katalin’s post & see what she’s got about this.



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Tarot Blog Hop : What Is My Harvest & How Do I Find It?

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