Tarot Blog Hop – Earned Success

Welcome to the first of this decade’s Blog Hop posts!

2020, it’s time we earned the success we’ve worked hard for, so deliver it, OK?




Our wrangler for this hop, Joy Vernon asked that we explore what the 6 of Pentacles means to us. This is the card that is associated with this time of Aquarius, the middle decan. So, with the whole “earned success” in mind, let’s see what the 6 of Pentacles looks like across a few of the decks I have.


We start with my beloved Wildwood & this I think, is as bleak as you can get with the 6 of Stones. It shows two people, father & daughter maybe, who can’t feed themselves & need a hand. What they need, as well as something to eat, is some support & some tools to recreate a life for themselves. What they’ve had, they’ve squandered or it’s been removed from them. This makes me think of the fires in Australia or California. Some things you just cannot plan for & they are on hard times.

This for me, is about assisting someone else to earn their own success. Not every card has a tough love to it as this one does. There’s even a “you caused this, tough!” kind of look about it. Look at the rake on the ground, the bee hives. They’ve not been maintained; or so we think from this image. But like the fires in Australia, sometimes the best laid plans of mine & men, do not work out.


The next one, is by the  same artist  but  is  from  a very  different  deck: The Druidcraft. This has such a different feel to it. This shows someone who doesn’t need as much, sharing what he has when the collective good needs it more. He still keeps some of his wealth around him.

Wealth comes in many forms; there’s the actual financial wealth but there’s also a wealth of knowledge in that old face. What we cannot see is who he’s giving these coins to & if they’ve earned it. That’s for him to judge I think.

Also, consider this with this card: Why share the wealth when the need strikes, why not avoid the need to begin with by parting with the knowledge / wealth much earlier? He may have spent his life earning that level of wealth & that is why he is now sharing it out. Because he can.

Golden Rider Waite Smith

The next on my list is the one most of us Tarot readers know & love, the base for the cards above: The Rider Waite Smith. I’ve picked The Golden version because of the cleaner lines.

This one has more of a religious conotation with it than the others so far. Can you smell the frankinense being burned? I can… must be my RC upbringing. I swear that smell never leaves you.

The others didn’t feel as judgemental as this one does though (I take that back, after re-reading the Wildwood’s 6 of Stones). So why do I see older men, judging us in the confessional as though he were a God? Notice the scales here; the message is just about the same, when I get over my anger about the judging.

Balance out the wealth is apparent here but what isn’t that obvious is that the scales link to Libra; the opposite sign of Aquarius.

The Tarot of Dreams

money earnedThis deck is another favourite of mine; most of Ciro’s are in my “go to” deck list.  I actually have this in the box you buy it in, rather than hide it somewhere or have it in a bag, like my other decks.

This one implies more of the earned reward than the others; mostly because he’s looking directly at you, not handing out money to other people. You have his attention. He has yours. Nothing but the money sits between you. You’ve earned this emblem of Libra.

Again, there’s the scales involved here. There’s a balance of doing the work & doing it well to be paid for it. You could over-deliver. You could under-deliver. One of those options is going to get you a whole load more trouble than you’d like. The other, may bring about earned rewards later on. It’s not set in stone.



Thank you for reading, for letting me compare. I could add in so many other cards from so many other decks, but the trick with the Tarot, is the cards around it. As you can see, the image on it’s own says different things, depending on the deck. Depending on the deck, the same cards can convey very different messages. Choose your reader & your deck, wisely.

Bye for now!







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Tarot Blog Hop – Earned Success

3 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop – Earned Success

  1. I am the same funnily enough Ciro’s are my go to place, loving Druidcraft, not sure if I actually have that one or one similar. Still its on my list 🙂

  2. What a lovely post, Louise! And you’ve introduced me to a couple of decks that I hadn’t seen before. I’m struck by how, in reading this, I find myself seeing a religious side to this card, whereas before I tended to see the Six of Pentacles as more like money changing hands in whatever way. For some reason, when I look at these cards right now, there’s a communion-like feeling to them. I don’t know if that’s me and the weird place my brain is in right now, or if it’s your reference to frankincense, or what! Regardless, though, I enjoyed the post, thank you!

  3. I led a Meetup last night and we were comparing cards from different decks as part of the process. The Six of Pentacles is one of the cards we used! We looked at the Legacy of the Divine, Fountain, Universal Fantasy, RWS, Robin Wood, and the Alchemical Tarot. It’s always enlightening to compare cards, and I love having three more added to the mix this afternoon!

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