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Welcome to the Ostara Blog Hop! Jay Cassells, who is our wrangler for this hop, asked us this: Do we know the stories / tales of the Tarot itself?

Fables & Fortunes

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There are many “origin” stories of the Tarot. From starting in Egypt to being found in Bologna, Italy, there are many “starting” places. However, I don’t feel that the Egypt fable is correct, since the printing for cards or intricate wooden blocks wasn’t available in Egyptian times.

I can imagine that about 12 blocks were used initially, then expanded upon to make up the 22 that we know as the Major Arcana. Can you imagine the stories told in Royal Court when the wooden blocks came out? The speculation, the giggling… add in wine & ladies in waiting… Sounds like a wonderful girls night to me!


The Tarot cards appear in many stories, though we don’t often see them. Let’s take the biggest franchise going; The Fast & Furious. Do you think it has Tarot cards in it? Sure it does! Though, they’ve yet to introduce a fast driving, sassy Tarot Reader who can work technical miracles (Hey, Vin, I’m for hire!)

The Magician from the Robin Wood.The Magicians; Dom Torretto, then Brian O’Conner. The Lovers; Dom & Letty, then Mia & Brian. The Fool; Dom Torretto. The Hanged Man, Mia Torretto. The Tower: Decker Shaw / Luke Hobbs. The Empress: Madeline Shaw / Mia O’Conner… I could SO go on!

The stories that each character can tell; they’re a Tarot deck in their own right! As are we. We are not just one Tarot deck. I feel we change “decks” as we progress through life. For example; when I started this Tarot journey, I was very firmly The Traditional Rider Waite Smith. I told my stories through images that were established.

But, the images on my cards have changed from this deck, 15 years later. I’m more a hybrid now; not quite totally Wildwood, not quite Pagan Tarot or Intuitive Tarot. I am me.

But the 78 Cards still tell a story.


Do you know what books contain the Tarot cards? Take a wild guess.

Go on… Guess.


Yep. Every. Single. One.

Not every card, but most are… Not in the very order a deck comes to us brand new & shrink wrapped. Why? Our “deck” has been shuffled many times from the time we could start to speak, to the moment you read this & until the very moment we take our last breath. You’ll go through more than one set in your lifetime too; our art perception changes as we progress through life.

storiesThis is why I feel it’s important to never give anyone else the pen when you’re writing the story of your life. (In other words, don’t give up control of your own destiny – Chariot). Why would you want to live a life that another has written?

Books are meant to tell stories; they’re an escape mechanism, a transportation into another dimension. A movie in words that plays in our minds, expands our minds. The books come to an end. The movies play out.

What’s Next?

Well, since you’re writing the story of your life, you don’t have to put down the pen for 18 months, 2 years, 3 years or however long it takes to get the next part written & produced. You’re doing it all the time. We all are.

Do you follow the Tarot religiously all the time? I can’t say I do, but I notice relevant things happening in my story that comes up in the Tarot. The Wheel when things change; the Tower when things do not go well. The 9 of Cups on evenings out with friends, the 5 of Wands when the kids play up & nothing goes right, even after a coffee.

The Ace of Swords when I start a blog post & a Queen when I’m done.

I ask the Tarot about paths, about choices. I take the best informed route I can. It can be used it to change my perception of a situation, to see the other side. Personally, I use it to help myself & that is what I offer to others too. Because you see, we sometimes need an editor, a muse, a soundboard when we’re writing. Otherwise, we get writers block!

Whatever life story you’re writing, I hope it’s a good one! I’m here if you need some help!

Let’s see what Morgan’s take on this subject is, shall we? See the links below:

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Stories at Ostara 2020 – Tarot Blog Hop

4 thoughts on “Stories at Ostara 2020 – Tarot Blog Hop

  1. I love finding cards in books, movies, and tv. They are everywhere! Sometimes it seems SO tarot that I think the writer must have been using the cards for inspiration.

    1. I know, it’s freaky isn’t it? I can follow a story line & go “That’s the next card” Or go: Oh, that was clever, they did this & this one in combo! #weird #loveit

  2. As much as I see patterns, and weave stories; I haven’t ever considered looking for them in movies, and or books. Maybe its time to start, thank you for opening an door to understanding πŸ™‚

    1. I see patterns too & we create stories at the Tarot meetups. But, I see the Majors, the courts, the other 56 cards in the stories. Enjoy looking for them now you see them! πŸ˜‰

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