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Welcome to the Tarot Blog for the Autumn Equinox of 2020: the weirdest year yet!

Our wranglers for this hop, Joy & Jay, have set a raunchy (but SFW!) theme: Mills & Boon, Tarot Style.

Can the Tarot help write a novel? A Mills & Boon style one? Yes! It’s happened several times (not just in the Mills & Boon genre) and believe it or not, every character in every book has a Tarot card behind them somehow, even if it’s not intentional. Very often, it’s 3 or 4 that are in play.

Not everything has to be Mills & Boon style, but since these series of books get people hot under the collar (& maybe elsewhere!) & the wranglers are both in the USA (Not far from the fires in California I believe) how can I refuse to fan these flames? πŸ˜‰

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So, with the tell-tale covers that I’m sure we all remember from our younger years; here’s an piece from my current WiP that fits their criteria. See if you can identify the cards in play with each person (hint: it’s more than 1!) Enjoy; it’ll be SFW! Even if I think that it’s getting hot in here!

Forest Lovers from The Wildwood TarotMills & Boon

“The Fire Starter: It’s Getting Hot In Here”

She sighed happily. The duties for the day, for the bride, were now complete. Shauna smiled as she watched one of her closest & life-long friends dance with the man she’d fallen in love with. She was breathless after the first Waltz and was glad for a rest, even against the bar!

At the slightly “old maid” age of nearly 35, she was finally happy. At least Helene had the rest of her life before her; unlike Shauna. She smiled at a waiter as he swerved past with a tray of champagne. At 36, being a widow with two kids, was hard. Most men (and she used that term loosely!) left or suddenly stopped calling when she revealed she was a mother to two boys.

The sight of the best man smiling at her make her jump. Why was he smiling at her? She’d find out she was sure, as he was making a bee-line straight for her.

“Beautiful service” he declared as he grabbed two glasses of drink from another passing waiter, handing her a fresh one.
Shouna smiled. “Yes, it was. I’m surprised that the services between our two countries are pretty similiar!”
He smiled. “Wait until you see the Kransekage” he smirked.
“The what?!” she replied, not quite sure what he’d said.
“Wedding cake” he smiled, almost drowning the glass in one go.
“Everything okay?” she asked him, tentatively. Champagne wasn’t usually something a person downed in one go, especially when they were glasses as tall as these!
He nodded. “It will be. Old… acquaintance decided to drop by.” He grabbed another drink & asked the barman for something far stronger.
“Oh? Was that the angry looking woman who swept through about ten minutes ago?” she asked, sipping her drink.
“That was her” he said, his Dutch accent getting stronger. Shauna smilled; her own accent got stronger when alcohol was involved too. “She has gone.” He stated it as a matter of fact.
“I’m glad of that, and I’m sorry but I’ve totally forgotten your name!” Shauna admitted, taking a slightly bigger drink of champagne than she intended to hide her embarassment.
“Harek, at your service” he said, sliding a strong, warm hand around her waist and leaning in close. She had to admire how his smell, touch and proximity somehow made her skin tingle. His mouth was suddenly very close to her ears. “And you, my dear widow, are beautiful” he whispered.

In one sentence, he’d both inflated and deflated her. She turned her head & began to alight from the stool.
“Did I say something…” he asked, grabbing her by the elbow before she managed to bolt.
“My marital status seems to be more important to you than anything else.” Her soft Scottish accent was starting to get stronger as she got more annoyed.Β  “Thanks for reminding me my husband is dead.”
He let go of her arm and looked deflated. “I appologise” he said. “I did not mean to make you… uncomfortable.” He motioned towards the outside deck of the boat. Shauna wasn’t sure she wanted to follow, but his strong warm hand around her waist again was guiding her to the outside deck.
“You don’t seem to realise how alluring you are” he said, closing one of the sliding doors behind them, drowning out some of the noise from the party.
“How can my being a widow, be alluring?” She folded her arms. ‘This Dane is a pig!’ she thought.
“Because you have something I cannot hope to have.” He turned to stand before her, but at a pace apart. She caught sight of the lights from the other side of the river reflecting in his eyes, which were now huge, hiding the hazel colour she’d seen a few moments before.
“Oh? And what’s that?” she asked, placing her weight onto her back foot. Was she going to have to kick him to get away?
“Children” he said, simply. “You have children. I cannot. At least, I’m told there’s less than a chance I will ever father children of my own.” He turned to look out across the river. Shauna was stunned. She was attractive because sheΒ  had children?! That just had to be a first!
“I have always wanted children: 3 or 4. My sister has 2. But, it seems I cannot.” He turned to Shauna and she was aware that he was baring his soul. “Fons told me about his fiance’s friends; but I dismissed his now wife’s description of you. I should not have.”
He stepped closer and gently touched the side of Shauna’s face. “Finding someone to have a family with when you cannot father children yourself is almost impossible. At least, here it is.” His accent was enticing and she felt her heart flutter. When was the last time it had done that?!
“Given my status here in this Country” he continued, “my name, people throw themselves at me for lots of reasons. Once they find out I cannot give them children…” he sighed. “They do not stick around. And the ones that do” he nodded back into the party, to the loud angry woman from earlier “Are not ones I want to spend the rest of my life with.”
Shauna lifted her chin and squared her shoulders. “So, let me get this straight. You wanted me meet me because I have children already, not because of anything else?” she was started to feel afronted. Was she not attractive in her own right? What kind of maniac wanted a ready made family already?!

He smirked. “It was a reason, but when I saw you yesterday at the rehersal, I just knew I had to get closer to you for other reasons.” He closed the gap between them, wapping an arm further around her waist and ever so gently, kissed her.

What Cards?

So, these are my characters so far; Shauna & Harek. What cards do you see either of these two being?

There’s probably no one answer here; it depends on what you see & how the courts I pulled to represent them play out for you. Hit me with your comments; I’d LOVE to hear your input!

Does this even fit with the Mills & Boon arcs? Maybe… Not sharing that quite yet! In the mean time, I want to go see what other “hot” stuff others may have pulled out of the hat!


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Tarot Blog Hop : Mills & Boon : It’s Getting Hot In Here!

7 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop : Mills & Boon : It’s Getting Hot In Here!

    1. Shauna is Celtic, so yes, QofS but there’s a LOT of QofP about her (more so since Matt died)

      Harek: For him, when I created them, I drew Magician, KofP, QofS & PofC. πŸ˜‰

      1. Yes, I see the Q of P in her but I guess I liked her Q of S tongue.
        Ah… Harek – yes, that makes sense! I couldn’t pin him down, it felt like he kept swapping personalities to try and get results – that’s why I opted for 7 of Wands.

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