Goodbye 2020! Good Riddance!

It’s December 2020.

This year has sucked sweaty, salty vanilla objects for most of it, mostly due to Covid-19.

It’s brought out the worst in human nature. It’s brought out the best in human nature at the same time. Bear with me whilst I turn this year in my compost bin. Feel free to join me & wave goodbye to this damn year.

As I close this year down with this extended blog post, I will try to increase my blog postings in 2021. Like most people, Covid-19 has caused me to focus my energies elsewhere.

From being the focused businesswoman & Tarot reader to being a choatic homeschooling mum, battling education infrastructure and three children who, like their teachers were forced to create things out of thin air & access so many systems with simple home technology. To the husband now working from home, my time got eaten up by everyone & everything and like a lot of people, I went into a funk, came out of it & gone back into a different kind of “meh” mode. I am more than happy to say goodbye to 2020.

Spring 2020

balanceIf I go back through to late spring, a fox attack meant my chicken flock was devasted. The only one that survived was my broody hen who was nesting on eggs elsewhere & stayed perfectly hidden. That meant I spent the early summer building a new coop from palets, plywood & recycling things. It was a necessity but it came into it’s own. I loved doing this, despite the hard work and the lack of help from the kids at times. You can see the build here on pInterest.

Then, came the decorating. Good lord! Lockdown meant I couldn’t get the right tradesmen in for the jobs. Mainly, plastering. I’d never done it before but I had holes in my walls where the plaster was shot, hung, drawn, quatered and blown. So, I learned that skill too, again through necessity. Creating a fourth bedroom in a three bedroom house wasn’t easy, but we’d thankfully picked a house that had the room we needed to grow into. And we realised it this year.

My daughter now had her own room, away from the boys. The boys too have their own rooms, their sanctuary. I finally finished the decorating in October, through sheer determination. If I ever see a damn paintbrush or roller again, it’ll be soon!

Going Forward

Dancing energies2021 promises to start the same way 2020 finished off: Lockdown. It’s amazing that people just do not get what the heck that means; no doubt the rules will change, the goalposts are like a flux capacitor: always working! Even Samuel L Jackson’s poem of “Keep Your Ass At Home” isn’t plain enough for certain cretins.

Like the 5 of Vessels, I’m going to have to work through the unwanted vibrations that I am finding myself wrapped up in. It isn’t easy, a lot of people are in the same storm but their boat is different and I’m not even sure I have the same boat as yesterday! I certainly don’t have paddles for the thing! So, goodbye!

That aside, I have discovered an outlet. Two, actually. One is reading, I’ve come back to it thanks to Kindle & it’s been worth the Kindle Unlimited fee per month. 25 books or more “borrowed”, reviewed & returned in December alone, with a few new author’s to boot. I’ve been re/reading Karen Lynch (Her Relentless series had me hooked and I’m loving the Fae series that’s following). I’ve also fallen deeply in love with Jolie Vine and her Wild Scots Series, even gotten into her ARC. I’m honoured and it reminds me of Scotland. Zoe Chant had me enthralled with her Firefighter Shifter Series, R O’Leary with her Raven Falls collection, which has led to her other works. Alica Montomery is another one I love to go hunt out. Agnes Canestri is another whose works I’ve read, enjoyed & have lots of wonderfully nice things to say about.

How Karen writes is how I want to, or to that level. However, I’ve not written a story since the early naughties and even that, I am too self conscious about publishing. However, I do have one story that’s made it to 93 thousand words and is being edited by two friends of mine at the moment. I will likely self publish it on Kindle later this year. That, I did write to self publish, which is more than I can say for my Tarot Deck! I could/should create the cover somehow, so we will see.

Anyway, 2021 is underway and I’m late in publishing this blog entry. So, goodbye 2020, you were a smeg head and I had high hopes that this decade would start off on a good foot. But, I think the 20’s is a blonde young man at Hogmanay and is a wee scroat!

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Goodbye 2020! Good Riddance!

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