Good Bye & Thank You Robin Wood

The 19th of April turned out to be a sad day: good bye Robin Wood.

For over a decade, I have used, exhaulted and championed one of the best RWS decks out there; The Robin Wood. Here, I bid her good bye as she leaves the mortal coil.

The Magician from the Robin Wood.Named after the creator herself, I’ve not only purchased & used this deck for countless readings, I’ve suggested it many a time as an alterntive to the Traditional RWS. Robin’s clear lines, bold colours and classy interprtatoins of Pamela’s original designs made her deck an instant hit.

When I’ve offered this deck to clients as part of the half dozen I offer, it was always popular, for the reasons I’ve mentioned above.



good byeAs a Tarot reader, I’ve always wanted to meet the people who created the decks I use the most. Robin was on that list. Like meeting John Wayne, it’s something I will never get to do, not in this lifetime. There is nothing to be done about it, life has played out as it has.

I understand the transition was at home, surrounded by the ones she loved and that loved her. So I say “good bye” to her, to the chance we’ll meet and to any successor of her deck being made. I shall keep her deck & book until I to, pass over.

So I send my deepest condolences to the family Robin leaves behind. I wish her spirit an easy and quick transfer to the heavens above. May her soul find warmth in the arms of the angels.

I leave with you a rather poignant card for this small, but heartfelt tribute. Thank you Robin, for all you did. You really were a Magician, but into the arms of the angels you must now go. Safe journey.

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Good Bye & Thank You Robin Wood

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