The Black Country Tarot

This is the project page for the Black Country Tarot. 

Welcome to the project page for the Black Country Tarot.

As I’m creating an image, I’m adding to a PDF that will be available for those that purchase the deck. I’m not crowd-funding it, not yet. But I will share with you some of the images as they’re produced and some background of the card I’m showcasing in question.

Black Country Tarot - Card XVI - The Tower
Black Country Tarot – Card XVI – The Tower

Here’s one of the first images, The Tower.

This is an old mine shaft, recreated at the Black Country Living Museum. Like all Towers, its foundations need to be solid and supported, or it cannot reach up into the sky, or dig down deep. If the foundations are weak, the Tower might collapse. Who might get hurt if your Tower collapses? How can you avoid that? Do you wish to start over again, building a new tower elsewhere?

In other Tarot decks, lightning is striking the Tower, but not here. The effects are the same if you dig yourself in the wrong way.

Dig too deep and you’ll lose the support of the ground you’re building upon. Dig the wrong way in the ground and you again, threaten to shake the foundations of the Tower. The Wheel at the top serves to bring forth the goodness from the ground that is being mined. It can turn and return. What you take out, must be shored up or replaced.

This is the same for Life. If you deplete your resources, you collapse. This then requires a change of what and how you act, behave and think.


You can see more images and discuss things on the Facebook page or contact me if you’d like.

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