Goodbye 2020! Good Riddance!

It’s December 2020. This year has sucked sweaty, salty vanilla objects for most of it, mostly due to Covid-19. It’s brought out the worst in human nature. It’s brought out the best in human nature at the same time. Bear with me whilst I turn this year in my compost bin. Feel free to join […]

Tarot Blog Hop : Mills & Boon : It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Welcome to the Tarot Blog for the Autumn Equinox of 2020: the weirdest year yet! Our wranglers for this hop, Joy & Jay, have set a raunchy (but SFW!) theme: Mills & Boon, Tarot Style. Can the Tarot help write a novel? A Mills & Boon style one? Yes! It’s happened several times (not just […]

Stories at Ostara 2020 – Tarot Blog Hop

Welcome to the Ostara Blog Hop! Jay Cassells, who is our wrangler for this hop, asked us this: Do we know the stories / tales of the Tarot itself? Fables & Fortunes Hop Before / Master Hop / Hop After There are many “origin” stories of the Tarot. From starting in Egypt to being found […]

Tarot Blog Hop – Earned Success

Welcome to the first of this decade’s Blog Hop posts! 2020, it’s time we earned the success we’ve worked hard for, so deliver it, OK?   PREVIOUS BLOG / MASTER BLOG / NEXT BLOG   Our wrangler for this hop, Joy Vernon asked that we explore what the 6 of Pentacles means to us. This […]

Tarot Blog Hop : What Is My Harvest & How Do I Find It?

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop. It’s Autumn & it’s time to gather in the harvest. The leaves are Falling (for my American cousins) & down under, the leaves are budding. It’s halfway-point between summer & winter & our wrangler for this hop, Maureen Aisling Duffy-Boose, asked us to look at our harvests & how […]

Summer Solstice: Where Are You?!

Hey, Summer Solstice, you’re MIA from what I can see! There’s been 2 months worth of rain in a week; what ARE you playing at? It’s Flaming June, The Summer Solstice & Midsummer, but someone I think forgot to tell mamma nature to turn off the sprinklers! The rain is needed but 2 months supply […]

Tarot Blog Hop : School is Never Out ~ Beltane

It’s Beltane & it’s Tarot Blog Hop Time. This time, we’re being asked by Joy Vernon about what we do to continue our Tarot Education or any education for that matter. PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG   So, it’s Beltane, it’s the 1st of May; when many a maiden in olden times […]

The Tarot & Their Elements

The Tarot cards link directly to 5 elements. If you’re trying to learn the Tarot or are just curious about it, this might help you get a basic understanding. Most people think that’s just the 4 main elements of air, fire, water & earth. But there is a 5th; Spirit/Soul. That’s usually attributed to The […]

Top Decks Review for 2018

I was SO good during 2018; until the last quarter of the year that is, when everything that was beautiful in the Tarot World, sprung forward to tempt me. Here’s my review of 2018’s obtained decks. I’ve been getting fussier with my deck choices over the years; not just having everything that’s out there or […]

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