Goodbye 2020! Good Riddance!

It’s December 2020. This year has sucked sweaty, salty vanilla objects for most of it, mostly due to Covid-19. It’s brought out the worst in human nature. It’s brought out the best in human nature at the same time. Bear with me whilst I turn this year in my compost bin. Feel free to join […]

Tarot Blog Hop : Mills & Boon : It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Welcome to the Tarot Blog for the Autumn Equinox of 2020: the weirdest year yet! Our wranglers for this hop, Joy & Jay, have set a raunchy (but SFW!) theme: Mills & Boon, Tarot Style. Can the Tarot help write a novel? A Mills & Boon style one? Yes! It’s happened several times (not just […]

Stories at Ostara 2020 – Tarot Blog Hop

Welcome to the Ostara Blog Hop! Jay Cassells, who is our wrangler for this hop, asked us this: Do we know the stories / tales of the Tarot itself? Fables & Fortunes Hop Before / Master Hop / Hop After There are many “origin” stories of the Tarot. From starting in Egypt to being found […]

Tarot Blog Hop – Earned Success

Welcome to the first of this decade’s Blog Hop posts! 2020, it’s time we earned the success we’ve worked hard for, so deliver it, OK?   PREVIOUS BLOG / MASTER BLOG / NEXT BLOG   Our wrangler for this hop, Joy Vernon asked that we explore what the 6 of Pentacles means to us. This […]

Tarot Blog Hop : What Is My Harvest & How Do I Find It?

Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop. It’s Autumn & it’s time to gather in the harvest. The leaves are Falling (for my American cousins) & down under, the leaves are budding. It’s halfway-point between summer & winter & our wrangler for this hop, Maureen Aisling Duffy-Boose, asked us to look at our harvests & how […]

Summer Solstice: Where Are You?!

Hey, Summer Solstice, you’re MIA from what I can see! There’s been 2 months worth of rain in a week; what ARE you playing at? It’s Flaming June, The Summer Solstice & Midsummer, but someone I think forgot to tell mamma nature to turn off the sprinklers! The rain is needed but 2 months supply […]

Tarot Blog Hop : School is Never Out ~ Beltane

It’s Beltane & it’s Tarot Blog Hop Time. This time, we’re being asked by Joy Vernon about what we do to continue our Tarot Education or any education for that matter. PREVIOUS BLOG | MASTER LIST | NEXT BLOG   So, it’s Beltane, it’s the 1st of May; when many a maiden in olden times […]

The Tarot & Their Elements

The Tarot cards link directly to 5 elements. If you’re trying to learn the Tarot or are just curious about it, this might help you get a basic understanding. Most people think that’s just the 4 main elements of air, fire, water & earth. But there is a 5th; Spirit/Soul. That’s usually attributed to The […]

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