Priestess Tarot : It’s All Change for me!

Don’t panic, I’m not going anywhere! I’m able to change things around as the new academic year gets underway. Now that all the kids are in school full-time (bar any sickness they might incur) I’m able to take day time bookings.  This change is quite a scary time for me, though the kids seem to be in their element! For the first time in a decade, I don’t have someone asking me for sweets, lunch, food, to help them with the toilet. I don’t have two school runs to do (half day collection from the nursery) & I can please myself! Whilst the daily housework may now get done in an hour (rather than 3!) I have more time to dedicate to you, to help you by offering Tarot consultations. This is a big change from the few hours each evening I had spare. The kids are great & know when mum is working. I have things laid out for them if I have to work when they’re home (with time differences, that sometimes happens!) or the eldest (who is getting so tall!) can forage for things that they need. So I asked the Tarot, today: What can I look…

Deeper Into The Wildwood

It’s time for me to unplug from the Internet, secure the Tarot decks & enjoy some summer fun with the kids as a family. Here’s a little meme to support this theory; I am no exception to this. I don’t intend to plug back into the “normality” of things again until early September 2017, the exact date is not yet decided (though around the 5th, as an indication). Until I reconnect with you, please take care, be safe & stay away from idiots. I’ve learned they’re everywhere! :O

Happy New Year

It’s Hogmanay and as such, it’s out with the old and in with the new year! So, I’ve made a wee message for you all:

October Tarot Evening Schedule

This is my Tarot evening schedule for October, if you’d like to join me, book with the establishment I’m at. I’m also available for private one-to-one readings during October, just contact me to book the when. Wednesday 1st October – Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm Thursday 2nd October – Sanctum Therapies, 7pm until 10pm Wednesday 8th October – Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm Wednesday 15th October – Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm Thursday 16th October – Tarot Academy Class, Bowling Green Inn, Stoke Prior, 7pm until 10pm (No private readings at this venue) Tuesday 21st October, Crown Inn, Catshill, 7pm until 10pm Wednesday 22nd October – Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm Tuesday 28th October, Swallows Nest, Romsley, 7pm until 10pm Wednesday 29th October – Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm

Face to Face schedule for September

For the chance to have your face to face reading with me, here’s my schedule for September:   September 1st, Zen @ Digbeth, 11am until 4pm September 4th, Sanctum, Halesowen, 7pm until 8pm September 10th, Zen @ Digbeth, 12pm until 4pm September 11th, Zen @ Digbeth, 6pm until 9pm September 14th, Zen @ Digbeth, 11am until 4pm September 18th, Tarot Meet Up, Stoke Prior, 7pm until 10pm (No private readings at this venue) September 25th, Zen @ Digbeth, 6pm until 9pm     * anything in blue is a new date for this month


I’m taking two weeks off as downtime, to spend quality time with the family, so I’ll be back open for business on Monday 18th August 2014. Until enjoy my previous posts and please do comment when you can, I love comments!

Unplugging for a Time

Thanks for dropping by my website and blog! I’m unplugging myself to enjoy the last few weeks of the school holidays with the family, so I’m not available to provide Tarot Readings until the 2nd of September. My next face-to-face Tarot session at Sanctum Therapies is on the 5th of September 2013, so contact Sanctum to book your private session for then. Until I return, be safe, well and have fun!

Maternity Leave

Hello to everyone that follows my blog or visits the website! I’m taking the decision to start my maternity leave from the blog and Tarot reading starting today (21st February), so I won’t be blogging or offering Tarot readings for the next 8 weeks or so. I aim to be back with you all in the THIRD week of April (15th April). In case you were wondering, the little bundle of joy arrived on the 23rd of February 2013. Sending love and blessings to everyone!

New Years Resolutions

My last Face to Face session before I take a maternity break happens on the 10th of January 2013 at Sanctum Therapies Halesowen. The half hour sessions are £25 so come and have a reading, obtain an idea of what the coming year might hold in store for you and make some useful resolutions whilst you’re there. I am offering a Wheel of the Year spread, one card to indicate how the month may pan out. Remember, the Tarot advises, you decide if it goes that way or not: the story is yours to write. It’s never too late to make changes. Here’s some suggestions below. Contact me or Sanctum for times and to book your reading slot.

I’m back with you!

And a big hello and “I’m back!” statement to my blog followers, clients, fellow Tarot-ists, Blog Hoppers, peers and anyone else who has been wondering why I’ve been quiet: I’m back from the very “lacking in 3G, windy country of Wales”. I have to say though, I enjoyed my camping trip and while I choose Mid Wales for its isolation, I hadn’t expected the severe lack of 3G signal. The mobile phone companies really (in my view) ought to get their finger out of their rear ends and sort Wales out with a regular 3G signal, at least in the towns. If they can do it so we have a 3G signal on the shores of Loch Lomond, they can fix it for Builth Wells, Brecon and everything north of the Black Mountains. Now my rant is over, my Card of the Day returns to you all tomorrow. But for tonight, I’ll be dancing in the moonlight, or singing in the rain, it’s good to be back home again.