Camelot Oracle

Weekly Oracle Forecast : WE 19th May ~ Living the Vision

This week we’re visited by Dindrane from the Camelot Oracle and reminded that we need to be living our own vision. What is your vision and are you living it? Dindrane certainly didn’t mess around and she certainly wasn’t one to sit at home and wait for the men folk! I like her spunk but […]

Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Cundrie

For the first time, the Camelot Oracle changes archetypes to a woman, Cundrie. What does she have to offer us in the terms of advice this coming week? As is rather typical with this Oracle deck, I am not very familiar with the characters that are coming up. I find it synchronistic that when I […]

Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Bors

Bors comes out to change the guard of the Camelot Oracle Guard. What insight and techniques does he have to share with us this coming week? Bors is another of the Arthurian Legend characters that I don’t know a thing about. Reading the book and John’s background information, I see him as an understanding, kind […]

Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week : Bercilak

It’s Sunday and time for a change of the Archetype of the Camelot Guard. Thank you for the trustworthiness and truthfulness of Bedivere, but now we move to study Bercilak. Before I read the book, I search Google to see what else I can find out about him, before I read what John has put […]

Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week: Balin

Joining us this week, is Balin. He’s yet another character with the Arthurian legends that I know nothing about. His story goes that he wounded Pelles with the spear that was apparently used to pierce the side of Christ on the cross. Pelles would remain unhealed until the Grail winner found his way to the […]

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