Fools Wisdom Oracle

Week Ahead : The Tear Fool

This week, even with the madness of the kids not being at school, we have the Tear Fool come out and join us. I’m all for letting the tears flow, but why this week? When I started this post on Easter Monday, I hadn’t any inclination that less than 48 hours later, I’d want to […]

Week Ahead : The Wish Fool : 23rd March 2014

The cute Fools Oracle reminds us that we have to believe in ourselves and our own wishes. What do you truly desire? What outcomes do you wish for? Lets be really clear here. There is a lot to be said of being clear about what you want and what you wish to happen. Sometimes it […]

Week Ahead : The Meaning Fool

Mercury goes direct this week and the Meaning Fool comes out to remind us to say what we mean and ensure that it holds a meaning for you. Mercury retrograde (for me anyway) has bitten hard, I’ve had technology die, play up, birthdays have arrived, loom, medical appointments are scheduled and I’ve taken the time […]

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