The Week Ahead : Honesty and Determination

This week we’re joined by Linet, or Le Damsel Sauvage.  She’s an honest one, feisty, full of truth, honour, knowledge, determination and when she is able, full of healing. Linet comes to Arthur’s court seeking assistance to help free her sister, Lionors. The only available knight though, was Beaumains (Gareth in his kitchen knave disguise). […]

Back in Action!

As of Monday 15th August, I’m back in Tarot action! I’ve had two weeks of R&R in Scotland, put up with the wee midges (and despite being Scottish, I got munched from here to the high heavens!!) and the site being close to flooding. But anyway, I’m back and raring to go! So, join me […]

World Tarot Day!

The 25th of May is World Tarot Day. I would share a link to World Tarot Day but I can’t find the actual site or the “spirit” of it. Anyway, if you would be so kind as to find me (Priestess Tarot) on Facebook, I’m offering 5 x Free 3 Card Readings with this wonderful […]

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