This page is designed to answer most of the FAQ’s I receive.

These FAQ (frequently asked questions) should answer most of your initial queries. If not, feel free to contact me.

Why should I have a Tarot Reading from you, Louise?

Like the Stoat from the Wildwood Tarot, I am able to discern the truth combined with a good ability to listen, as well as be discreet. What is said between us stays between us, a skill I have used many a time over the years working in Customer Services, as an IT Manager, my time as Chairman of TABI and reading the Tarot professionally for these last 10 years.

I also have experience in reading the cards and answering the questions which are more on your mind. I can tell the difference between someone wanting a question answered, and the Tarot saying what really ought to be said. You could do this from a book, and their interpretations are fine too, but when you start to use them in spreads with the elements, numerology, astrology, runes and I-Ching, it can all get very confusing. Combine in angles of nuances from the Wildwood (or indeed, any of my regular decks) and it can get into headache territory.

What kind of readings do you do?

I use the Tarot with you as a symbolic tool to access our own inner resources, offering us greater understanding, better choices and options and providing more clarity on where we are and what we can do to improve our own lives and the lives of others we come into contact with. I do this by having a discussion with you by whatever method suits you best, and pick up background information. I listen to you. This helps me understand both why you’re asking your question, and for me to help you phrase the question in the best way to help you, the same way you’d explain to a doctor, lawyer or mechanic why you need their help.

Why should I pay you for a Tarot Reading?

Well, that’s a good one! You can certainly obtain free readings from the Internet, and whilst they’re generally generated by computer programmes with no real person behind them, and there are a few genuine places that offer a true free reading, human service. When you pay me, you’re paying for my time at the time of the reading, the study I’ve put into learning so far (that doesn’t stop) & the future of my learning.

There are nuances to reading cards that can never be simulated by a computer (or artificial intelligence). When it comes to solving mathematical problems computers can not be beaten; when it comes to interpreting the interplay between a subjective question and a selection of random cards an experienced tarot reader can also not be beaten.

So why do I charge for Tarot readings? Well, at the end of the day, I (like you) need to earn money in order to live. As strange as it may sound there is also a commitment that comes with exchanging money for services. From my perspective, I tend not to get frivolous Querents who want to know whether their lottery numbers are coming in this week and from the Querent’s perspective they can expect a serious reading with a considerable time spent interpreting the cards along with a dialogue (verbal or written) in order to better explore the reading. I have tried to offer a balanced & simple choice of readings to you. Contact me if what you want isn’t clear on the buying page

What is Tarot?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards. It’s loosely similar to our everyday playing cards and in fact, it is said to have originally been devised for use as a game called “tarocchi” in 14th Century Italy .

If you’ve heard about Tarot, you may only have thought of it as being able to tell your future; you may have seen it portrayed in films. In films, this is typically where the reader turns over the cards as dramatic music plays in the background and the Querent gasps (James Bond movies are a classic for this) as Death is revealed, or The Lovers . This provides drama but in reality, there’s no “death” music played and the cards very rarely indicate just those situations. Often it’s indicating that a part of ourselves, or our situation, need to change or it’s signalling the end of a particularly tough time.

It has four suits of “Pip” cards (cups, wands, swords and pentacles or coins or a variation on these), which are perhaps more familiar in the suits of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. The “Court” cards make up a family of four in the Tarot – traditionally shown as King, Queen, Knight and Page. Collectively the “Pip” and “Court” cards are known as the Minor Arcana.
Tarot decks also have 22 “trump” cards, known as the Major Arcana. These express archetypes such as The Emperor, “virtues” such as Strength, or concepts such as Judgement and Justice. This the section of the Tarot where Death and The Lovers live.

howHow does it work?

I view the future as fluid. I don’t believe it’s set in stone. I also believe, therefore, that the Tarot does not predict a fixed, unchanging future. Although the Tarot could be used as a fortune telling device, it won’t provide you with winning national lottery numbers. Believe me, if it could do that, you’d only find tarot readers on an island in the Caribbean! I do not claim to have any psychic “powers”. I interpret the cards using the symbols, my intuition and the meanings associated with them.

As your reader, I aim to interpret the cards for and also with you, in order to offer you suggestions to help you improve things. I encourage the Querent (that is the person asking the Tarot the question) to take part in their own reading and to provide a little background to the situation that they are seeking some suggestions on – after all, would you ask a mechanic to fix your car without at least telling him why you think it needs fixing?

I believe that when having a reading if you take an active part in the reading, it is likely to prove more useful for you and you are likely with a little guidance and that non-biased voice to find your own answers. In this way, you can view a reading with the Tarot and myself as a conversation with an impartial person or dare I say, friend.

If I want further clarification about the reading, can I email you?

Well, I do say that I’m happy to have the discussion on my ABOUT LOUISE page, so yes. A bit like you’d clarify things with your doctor, dentist or mechanic. That said, if you ask another question in the further emails, that is chargeable as a new reading.

I don’t want to know I’ll die next week!

Fortunately, neither my clients nor I feel that way. The way I use the Tarot is to figure out what steps can be taken next, what options we have and how to get onto the next stepping stone.

Why do you say that Readings are for Entertainment Only?

In May 2008 the British Government, in its wisdom, created a new law which, in essence, says you should regard Tarot Readings as entertainment. I abide by that law. What I advise isn’t a substitute for professional legal, financial or counselling advice.

If I’m not happy, can I have my money back?

My refund policy can be found right here. Please do take the time to read it & purchase mindfully.


Thank you for reading my FAQ Page, I appreciate your time and diligence.

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  1. Hey, Louise.
    I’ve been in a real rough spot for a while now and I’m seriously thinking about finding a counselor to see if I can unravel this mess.
    Meanwhile, I also think an objective tarot reading might help me figure out where to start.
    Where do I sign up?

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