What Could You Do With Knowing?

This week, there’s so much going on, what do could you do with knowing about, in advance?

Getting a heads up can be beneficial. It gives you time to think, adjust and adapt, long before the rolling stone that is life comes and tries to knock you sideways. 

Knowing what energy coat we need to wear, can be helpful. We can all look out of the window and work out if we want shorts on, or a long heavy skirt, trousers… whatever. We can all make that decision because we can see the effects outside already. Energies aren’t that obvious, though they’re as transparent as the wind, they can be just as hurtful and energy-zapping.

Let’s take a peek at the energies for this coming week, and get our “heads up”; knowing is better than not, isn’t it?

knowledgeWhat might be helpful knowing? Nine of Arrows ~ Dedication. I smiled as this card came out. Keep your focus, ignore the thoughts and comments of everyone else if they’re not true to the path you’re walking. Dedication is the name of the game and for that, you need to be “lost” in your own world. This is a little like The Chariot (Archer in this deck) in their focus and dedication. This, however, is more to do on an everyday level. It’s not the setting up of a big project, it’s the getting down to work, getting stuff done. That list of jobs to do needs tackling. Sitting back and thinking: “Ach, it can wait”. Well, no, it can’t because miracles don’t happen like that. Neither do house cleaning fairies. Or blog posts.  They don’t get written themselves, though, at times I wish they would!

quantum leapWhat won’t be as helpful in knowing? Ace of Vessels ~ Waters of Life. Okay, so this as the next card can only be described as my Samuel Beckett card: Oh boy!

Getting emotionally attached to one idea, or one way of doing something is certainly restricting. This is a large pool of water, it gives life. Emotions can do that and emotions can take away parts of our life if we let it. So, as this card so clearly illustrates (thanks to Will Worthington). Go with the flow! Don’t try to force things where they don’t want to go. Water can be guided, but it can cut and carve its own way quite well. Look at the Grand Canyon or the River Nile.

Water eventually, will corrode whatever stands in its way. It’s best to try and move it around something, or better yet, don’t let it flow too fast, unchecked.

knowledgeEnergy to embody this week is… The Shaman. What a brilliant card to finish on! All that knowledge and power sit within you. You can make things happen if you want to. I usually describe this fellow as Paul Hollywood, the Master Baker. He’s got all the ingredients, he knows the recipe and he can tweak it this way and that way, depending on what he wants to do with it.

He knows more ways to do something (like bake bread) than you will likely ever know. He’s forever adapting things, learning new knowledge, skills, methods. He’s not shy at working hard and he’s powerful with it. Not to mention, older. Notice the grey?

I’m kind of glad Mr Hollywood doesn’t have such a long, white flowing beard. That would cause havoc in the kitchens with the mixers, wouldn’t you say?

This week, enjoy making things happen. Enjoy trying new things and tweaking old things. It reminds me of “Reduce, reuse, upcycle!”

Go on, give it a try! Let me know how you get on. I love chatting with you all! (SpookyMrsGreen: No, your recent kitchen renovation doesn’t count my lovely 😉 ) And if you want to know your specific card for this week, feel free to order your reading, right here.



Wildwood : Spring Equinox

Spring has officially sprung and even the Wildwood is sharing the warm spark of the season. What will spark in your mind, now that the weather is warm enough for fleece, jumpers & body warmers?

Oh, whilst I love the Winter and snuggling up in front of the log burner, a Tarot deck (or blog) to hand, and a big soft bed to curl up in when it’s time to sleep, I too love the warm of the spring and the summer that follows!

Ace of Bows

I love the banks of yellow daffodils in the spring time too, even if it does mean a busy time for me as a gardener. But that’s okay, I love the rewards around the Autumn Equinox and getting physically up close and one with nature.

But between now and then, it’s time to get the spark of muse going and see what makes you get out into nature and enjoy it. What makes you get excited? What makes you research things?

Like all seeds, they need a good solid base of soil from which to grow. What things are you doing to keep the ground that the seeds are in, fertile? What are you doing to keep yourself fertile?

Me, I go dig in the garden, or head to the allotment. I calm down from the mental highs by physically beating myself up, wearing myself out, in a constructive way. I just might need to spend twenty minutes in the shower afterwards, but that’s okay! I also find that any creative spark I need for one project (say, making a few cards or something else crafty) is started by doing something totally opposite.

So this week, the advice is; give yourself the time and space to let the muse strike. If it means you do something that isn’t sitting at the computer and trying to think of things to write, but getting out in nature and enjoying the spark of warmth, then give yourself that time.

I hope you enjoy the warmth, the spark and life! It’s SPRING, after all, even The Wildwood says so! I’m right here to help you find the answers you need with the power of Tarot.

3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

It seems all I am doing at the moment, it trying to catch my tail. If I were a dog, I’d be dizzy. Actually, I’m dizzy most of the time anyway, running here, there, everywhere, doing this and that for one member of my family. Can the Tarot help or advise me how to slow down?

I’m sure it’s June, but the weather has other ideas. Life, however, carries on at break-neck speed and I’m sure I need to catch my tail. I’m not sure what for though, but I am sure I need to! So, I pulled three Tarot cards to advise me on how to deal with this feeling of never-ending-dizziness.

Ten of Vessels Happiness
Ten of Vessels

The first card up was the Ten of Vessels, with its keyword of Happiness. Be happy in the moment! I enjoyed a little dance with my baby girl today, Jimmy Somerville & Mighty Real came on the iPod. I got dancing in the kitchen, doing the chores, the baby started dancing in her high chair whilst trying to eat her lunch. It was so carefree, it was great! We then had a dance to Dire Straights, The Bug. So, be happy no matter what you’re doing. Okay, Jimmy dancing in front of a big screen that shows planet Earth is rather metaphorical, but if dancing makes you happy, dance like you are on Top of the World.

LethargyThe next card up was the Four of Vessels. Bored? Well, with the break-neck speed of life at the moment, I really need to learn to catch my tail quicker, but don’t get bored! If you do, you’re in a rut and it takes an age to get yourself out of it. Well, it does with me and I’m pretty sure it is the same for a fair few folks too! So, if you’re bored, what do you?

Ace of Bows
Ace of Bows

You jump along to the next card and light a fire under yourself and find that spark of life again! The last card up is the Ace of Bows, with the key phrase, Spark of Life. I grew up listening to quite an eclectic mix of Country & Western (as it was then called) and heavy(ish) metal / soft rock, so I often had Deep Purple, John Denver, Rainbow and goodness knows who else blaring out from my father’s HMV music system when I came home from school in Scotland. What a greeting to come to, a house full of music!

I grew up with music and the first song I ever remember singing to someone outside of the family, was one of John Denver’s tracks (featuring Emmy-Lou Harris): Wild Montana Skies. I love the words in this song, I love the sentiment behind it. Please do listen if you can, this is what to me, the Spark of Life is about. The hopes and wishes for a son you’ll never see grow to a man, the wishes and hopes for yourself. The finding of your own way back home in this sometimes huge and sometimes, small World.  I am lucky, I’ll get to see my children grow, at least for as long as the Goddess allows me to be on this Earth, but if you want a fire under you,  light yourself some motivation.

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot for this post. I trust you’ll find a way to enjoy the songs I’ve picked and that you’re not stuck in a rut. Right, best I be off to catch my tail. My bottom is getting hot!

15th May : Wildwood’s Advise from The Pathway

It’s been a wee while since I posted to the blog. Like everything else, life gets on top of you and things go ca-ca for a while. Hopefully, I’m back on top again with the help from The Wildwood and The Pathway Spread.

To come back gently into the Wildwood’s therapeutic pools of knowledge, wisdom and calmness, I used The Pathway Spread via the Wildwood App (available in iStore & PlayStore) and pulled these cards.

Pathway Spread
Pathway Spread

“What do I need to know now?” was the question I asked.

The Issue is the Middle Card, the Two of Bows. It carries the keyword of decision. Do I carry on with the blog or do I put it down and put it on the back burner for a wee while? Well, the decision is fairly easy to make. I love talking and I love receiving comments, but I had no concept of how busy it would get with the three children around, even if one of them is asleep for a good chunk of an afternoon!

Action to Avoid comes up as the Ace of Stones. The Foundation of Life. Well, the impression is that starting all over again isn’t an option. To be honest, that hadn’t even occurred to me, but even starting up a new blog, there will come a time when I’d tire of writing, of having to index the site, SEO it, etc. etc.

Action To Take comes up as the Queen of Bows, which is represented as the Hare in this deck. A hare, by the way, isn’t a rabbit. They’re different breeds. This being a court card, starts to become interesting. She could be someone in my life who is dedicated with great self-assurance. She’s committed, kind and quick to defend her friends. She’s sympathetic, empathic, warmth, but she has her negative sides too. She can be jealous, unpredictable, rivalrous and unpredictable. How can she influence those around us? How can these plans be fostered now? Can I be more courteous and understanding? Well, yes, I can. But I must remember to engage the little grey cells before I open my mouth and produce verbal diarrhoea.

Switch the questions to yourself. How do they fit? Did this make you think? Do you know what action to take next? I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback.

I’ve used The Widlwood Tarot, as always.

Wildwood : 30th Jan 2014 ~ Midweek Story Board ~ Adapt to Duty

I’m back on schedule this week after a not very pleasant past seven days. However, I’m reminded to love myself, adapt and when the time comes, start again. What do these cards say for you?

youtubeThe Fools Wisdom this week was Duty, to embrace it with love and enthusiasm. The thing with Duty is that it can drain you, running around from pillar to post, back and forth.

Major 6 The Forest Lovers
Major 6
The Forest Lovers
Page of Vessels
Page of Vessels
Ace of Stones
The Foundations of Life










The cards this week remind me to love myself. The Lovers are about loving others. Who support you whilst you carry on your obligations, your duties? Remember to love them too.

The Otter is an adaptable being, living out of and in the water as the need fits. The otter is playful and is certainly a being that looks after itself first. If it wants a bath, it goes and takes one, playing as it goes. It eats when it wants, when it’s able to catch its food. It’s also skittish, hard to see and as quick as lightening!

The Ace of Stones, with the phrase, “The Foundation of Life” is to me, an indicator to start over again. What is it that’s important to me? Well, that’s a no brainer, the family are important to me, but so is helping people though the power of Tarot. We all have baggage, we all have mountains to climb and sometimes it takes another to say: that’s not a mountain, it’s a mole-hill honey, get over it already!

(Okay, in a far more delicate fashion most of the time, but the sentiment of “get off your rear end and fix what you can yourself” still applies, however you say it )

I love the Musical, War of the Worlds, and as I type, I hear the section from The Artiliary Man where he’s wanting to start over again, now that the rains have washed the drains clean. However, his vision and his practical skills are poles apart. Starting over is easy to say, not so easy to do. Like an Elephant task, it’s one bite at a time, one step at a time.

So, combining the two sets of cards this week is going to be interesting, isn’t it?

Remember, if you would like to book a read

I’ve used The Wildwood here (as usual) and a link back to the Fools Wisdom Deck.

Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

Sparks fly from the Ace of Bows today as it comes out to join us and I wonder if we will see any more in the next few days?

It’s a Sunday, usually a day of rest, right? Not always. In my life, I have more than enough to cater and pander to, being the mother of three children, one of whom arrived only eight weeks ago. So why on earth did I take on more responsibility last year?

Ace of Bows ~ Spark of Life & 1000 Spread context

The answer I feel is simple: I’m a woman, my own person. I’m not just a mother, bottle washer (and yes, I’ve been doing a lot of that of late and I will be for a good while to come!), chef, laundry-maid, dog-walker… the list is endless but I still need to do something for me, ya know?

I have my own views, my own understanding of things. I don’t always agree with everyone and I have no plans on even attempting to, but occasionally, I get fired up enough to respond. Sometimes I find I cannot respond, for I’m too angry, or know I’ll say something that I’m going to regret (and no, it would not be nice) so I say nothing at all. At the moment, I’m post-natal, so my temper and fuse is somewhat shorter than normal, but it is improving. However, the sparks have been flying but as my little girl settles down and starts sleeping through the night more, I find that my mood and temper improve greatly.

The context of this post (What To Take From The Past) reminds me that I need to remember why I’m angry, why the sparks are flying. We seem to forget that we’re human, for crying out aloud, we’re all brothers and sisters, parents, children, someone’s relative, regardless of what colour our skin in, what creed, upbringing, education (or not) we have.

I need to recall why that spark kicked off, keep my focus on that. Through anger, we can learn, but only if we want to. People say things to others based upon their education, upbringing, understanding of the world. We need (I feel) to be prepared to move our view-point and change our understanding, or at least be respectful of others with a different view-point. Bullying someone into doing something or not (as the case may be) just to please you or fit your perception of them, isn’t acceptable either. One wrong contextual use of a word, a meaning not interpreted as someone intended when it was said, written or thought, doesn’t mean they’re always going to be wrong, nor does it (or should it) mean that all their previous points are agreed or accepted by others.

Valid points can be made by those we despise, dislike, distrust and (dare I say it?!) hate. Just because we don’t like or get on with them, does their point become any more invalid? It certainly makes it a damn sight harder ton listen to though!

My advice (for that is what this is) is to take that little spark from the new topic of conversation, blog entry, post, comment, tweet and listen and more importantly, learn.

This song came to mind when I was writing the above, as tends to happen with me.

The decks used are the Wildwood Tarotby Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington. Context card is from the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.


The Blog Returns : With a Change

This is my return and first blog post in about seven weeks, due to the arrival of my very gorgeous and ever-changing, baby girl on the 23rd of February!

Ace of Arrows The Breath of Life
Ace of Arrows
The Breath of Life

During the last seven weeks, I think I’ve pretty much gone through every emotion there is out there: Fear, anxiety, tiredness, anger, grief, mourning, happiness and the jealousy that comes with comparing myself to other mums with three kids. Was I as good as them? What about other Tarot Readers? Did I still “have it”? Should I return now, or wait?

I managed to get some time a few weeks ago to start preparing the blog for a come back, and I thought and pondered about what I would do and when. Those questions above made me think for most of the Easter Weekend and here is what I’ve decided. I won’t be blogging every day, not yet. I’m going to stick to twice a week for the moment to dip my toes back into the water, probably on a Sunday and a Wednesday and give myself the time the children, family and I deserve. These early days are so precious and I know from experience that they’re unique to each child and that they’ll never ever come again!

Card of The Day Meaning 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler
Card of The Day Meaning
1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler

Whilst I was away and up at the various stupid o’clock hours (as the newborn demanded) I got chance to read other people’s blogs: a rare thing for me, as I didn’t get time to read all the ones I wanted to. But at a 2am feed, I could, providing the site had a mobile plug-in so I could read it on the iPhone! Then I got into comparing my abilities with those of other readers whose blogs I was reading and it took me a few weeks to realise something: I don’t need to compare myself to the people whose blogs I was reading. I really ought not to do that, truth be told and when I came across this blog post, I made a decision. I shall try damn hard not to compare myself, no matter how “low” I might feel.

I am also going to be introducing an “angle” for how to read the cards. Whilst I was on leave, a fantastic idea was launched by Tierney Saddler and I had to get it when I saw how it was being used. It’s called Deck of 1000 Spreads (site is here) and it can help focus on an aspect of a card and its interpretation in a spread. (A spread is how the cards are laid out).

So with all that in mind, I bid you welcome back!