Camelot Oracle

The Week Ahead : Merlin; Magic and Insights

In this weeks card from the Camelot Oracle, Merlin comes out to join us, offering to us his ability of insights, perception and not forgetting, all his magic doings too. So the Master Magus comes out to join us this week. I wondered when he would come out and join us. I don’t know too […]

Week Ahead : It’s Time to be Heroic!

This week the heroic, strong, devoted, kind and dedicated Lancelot comes out to join us. He’s gearing up to be his usual heroic self. Is he coming to your aid? Or is he taking you off on a heroic adventure? Now, Lancelot is one of the characters I do know from the legends of Arthur […]

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ The Adventure Awaits

Gawain comes to us this week, sword held high, encouraging us to come out, have an adventure and play in the mid-day sun. Gawain is Gareth’s oldest brother and the most successful of the four brothers until Lancelot arrived in the Arthurian Court. It is said that Gawain grows in power towards noon and fades […]

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Honour is Needed

This week Gareth comes to us from the depths of the Camelot Legends. He’s here to say that honour should be earned, not rewarded because of whose child we are. Gareth was the child of Lot and Morgause of Orkney. As such, he was a prince amongst men and unbeknownst to Kay and the other […]

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Search for the Truth

Galahad joins us this week and searches for the truth and spirituality, whilst offering clarity and insight. The son of Helaine of Carbonek (last weeks card) joins us with his search for the truth. Galahad was chivalrous, strong, brave. He had vision, which is (according to John) why he left home. Galahad wanted to begin […]

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Be Sensitive

This coming week we’re joined by Elaine of Carbonek (Or Helaine) and reminded to be sensitive to those around us, especially if they’re vulnerable. Elaine‘s story within the Camelot histories is yet another that was unknown to me. I did not know she was Galahad’s mother or that Lancelot was his child. Elaine has gone […]

Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Cundrie

For the first time, the Camelot Oracle changes archetypes to a woman, Cundrie. What does she have to offer us in the terms of advice this coming week? As is rather typical with this Oracle deck, I am not very familiar with the characters that are coming up. I find it synchronistic that when I […]

Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Bors

Bors comes out to change the guard of the Camelot Oracle Guard. What insight and techniques does he have to share with us this coming week? Bors is another of the Arthurian Legend characters that I don’t know a thing about. Reading the book and John’s background information, I see him as an understanding, kind […]

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