Appreciating Your Mother

How can you show appreciation to the wonderful Mothers in our lives?

Appreciating our mothers (the good ones!) and showing that you’re grateful for all their hard work doesn’t have to cost the stash of pocket money of the children they loving bought into this World. And if you’re a mother yourself, do simple solutions work best? What are the simple solutions that are available to you?

Appreciating anyone in our lives who has, for whatever reason, gone over and above the call of duty, can be hard. You want the meaning of the thank you, to be really heart-felt. Appreciating our Mothers can be harder, because they never really stop. Honestly, we don’t! So, I asked the Tarot “How can we show appreciation for our Mothers on Mothers Day?” In the UK, we celebrate this day before our American cousins, but that doesn’t matter, I’ve created a 3 card spread for you to use at any time, for anyone you need guidance on this for.


Your first card on What to Appreciate, is: Queen of Stones. Appreciate your mother’s ability to pull rabbits out of the hats at the eleventh hour, when you finally show her the school letter you were sent home with two weeks ago. Appreciate that your mum won’t have had a full nights’ sleep. She may have stayed up way past her bed time to do your project, or finish it off.

The Middle card of How Not to Show It, is The Seer. Don’t be a sulky bum or a quiet mouse. Your mum can tell, without you speaking, what’s going through your little mind. You being a little sulky pants is an indication that you’ve don’t appreciate all her hard work.

The last card of : How To Show It, is The Two of Stones. Don’t fight and pick fault with her hard work. If you didn’t want it the way she’s done it, you can do it for yourself and ask for help. Be nice, say thank you; don#t cause conflicts just because you can. Put the effort in yourself, so you appreciate the hours she spends later on, when you’re tucked up in bed.

Here’s how the cards looked, when I laid them out.


Celebrate your supportive parents, regardless of who they are. How do you do show support? How did the kids show support, love and appreciation? Let me know! I’ll pop back during the day and look for comments / feedback!

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Making Plans in Advance

What plans are you making this half term week?

Even during the school holidays, making plans is essential. They can be as loose, or as tight as you wish, but having one can help! If you want help making one, I’m right here.

A change in routine can be a pain in the rear end at times, a blessing in disguise in others. School holidays are usually heralded by stroppy, tired kids, their parents or teachers. Sometimes, all three at the same time! That’s okay, if you know it’s coming and you have a plan.

plansSome things in life cannot be planned for, though. Sometimes, the next move on the chess board of life isn’t ours to make, so what on earth do you do then?

The King of Bows from The Wildwood can help. He’s all about being honourable and magnanimous, standing out from the crowd. Have you seen all the memes on Facebook recently, talking about being individual and coming into your own power? Male or female, this card is all about owning your own power and taking command of it and the situations you may find yourself in.

This card is certainly full charisma, lots of adders are trying to be unique, being assertive and enthusiastic. Do you need to borrow these characteristics, this half term week? Where do you need to take charge? (Ha, any parent at home with the kids at half term, knows the answer to that!) Or do you need to bolster your self-esteem, because the kids are tearing it out of you? Another positive characteristic of the King of Bows is to be benevolent, and gentle with the kids and yourself, to a certain point.

So for the remainder of this week, lets keep the dominating, self-righteous and bullying aspects of this card down to a minimum. As is sometimes necessary with kids, bribery and corruption are common place, but only for sweets and technology 😉

Wildwood : Carpe Diem, Mr Fox

I asked the Wildwood Tarot app what energies I needed to aid me this week and Mr Fox says:  “carpe diem”. Remind me to keep him away from my daughter though, she loves this card and she will seize him!

carpe diem
Knight of Bows

Once again, the born survivor comes out to say, seize the day (carpe diem)! The determination the Fox has can lead to success, but I’d rather not do it at a personal cost. The Fox is full of natural wit and cleverness, and this card can guide us towards being fulfilled. The fox anticipates the future, which is a gift to cherish.

Being quick-witted isn’t one of my strong points, but avoiding the headlights is. The fox reminds us that leaving old ways behind, being innovative, creative, cunning and improvising a way forward are good characteristics of the fox, as is the phrase “carpe diem”, but he has his negative side too. He can be reckless and overly competitive, violent, impatient.

What situation do I need to seize during the coming week? What situation do you need to seize? Where do you need to take the time and make haste, slowly? Yes, I did say slowly. Foxes might be quick enough to get out-of-the-way of an on-coming car, but they’re not that quick in their own arena, or so I am told. They like to take their time but they’re creatures that very much “carp diem” (seize the day) when they need to.

Have you seen Blackadder? I was sure my favourite phrase about having a plan so cunning I could pin a tail on it and call it a fox, was in there, but it turns out the final animal is the weasel. Not quite the animal we have before us and I rather like this fox’s tail!

So, with that in mind (and since my memory about Blackadder shattered enough that I need to revisit some old episodes) I hope this week doesn’t require too much thinking, but plenty of “carpe diem” moments! I hope you seize the day(s) coming too!

Thanks for dropping by, you can like this post, +1, re-tweet and do other nice things with it that’ll make me smile, including commenting. I’m off to take Baldrick off the spit and tidy away the Wildwood cards.

Wildwood : Midweek Story Board ~ Creative Self Respect ~ 19th Dec 2013

The week commencing 16th December 2013 shows us that the Devil is within the creative detail, but show yourself some respect.

As Yuletide and Christmas fast approach, we have a reminder from the Tarot about the Devil is in the creative detail, but to show ourselves the respect we each deserve. Here’s how I came to that line of thought.

The Devil in the RWS is the Guardian in The Wildwood. The skeleton of the white bear is meant to be scary. Getting caught into a downward spiral that The Devil can cause, has it’s scary effects on our waking lives. Think drink, drugs, stealing and you’ve got the idea of the dangers of this card. However, the Devil can have it’s uses. He can cause us to think again, to look “beyond” the figure before us to the cave (our destination) beyond.

The Three of Stones shows a lady connecting to nature, her feet have become roots, reconnecting her to the ground from which we all return at some point. I love the look on her face, serene, calm. She’s calm enough to allow the creative muses to strike.


Creativity Respect








The final card on this story board is the Nine of Bows, with the Woodwose coming at us in a very aggressive manner. The fact that he’s acting angry could well be that we’re not respecting his boundaries, or our own. Now that Jupiter has gone direct, finding and keeping our boundaries is going to mean a change in attitude.

Reading these three out in the line (as shown above) is how I came across the Devil being in the detail. Can you do all the planning and preparation until you’re walking around half dead? Being creative can be great, at this time of year, that’s almost called for, but allow yourself the quiet time. The respect comes from lots of different directions, but most of all, it must come from yourself. You can ask for help you know, without losing your self-respect and your sanity!

So, this week get the help you need, before you end up like the Guardian here, half dead and worn out. Enjoy the festivities! There will be one more story board post before Christmas hits and a Blog Hop post on Saturday. Enjoy!

The deck I’ve used is as always, The Wildwood which is illustrated by Will Worthington and created by the brilliant Mark Ryan and John Matthews.

Wildwood : Lets Be Clear – 5th December 2013

Welcome to the mid-week Tarot Story Board. What do we have to do to clear our thoughts this week? Lets explore!

The reading this week is as much for me as it is for me to share with you for your own interpretation, but lets see what the story board looks like, shall we?

Queen of Arrows The Swan
Queen of Arrows
The Swan

The Queen of Arrows, the lady who might turn around and say: “I told you so” or give you “that” look that says those immortal words. However, if you want an honest answer, she’ll give it to you. If you want lies, don’t visit this lady. I associate this card with Sagittarius, (more so than Leo and Aries) the fiery, clear, direct communicator. There’s no beating about the bush with this lady!

She knows what she’s thinking and why she’s thinking it, but if you want to know, you’d better ask her. Just, be prepared for the oh, so honest reply!

Card of the Day
Seven of Bows

The Seven of Bows is pretty self-explanatory, it’s time to tidy up, clear the decks, sort things out, recycle (or indeed, up-cycle) what you can, then get on with clearing the debris. There’s some effort to be made in doing this, so sitting on your bum and lamenting “oh woe is me”, “aren’t I hard-done-by”, “I can’t do it”. Only if you let yourself be hard done by or be told you can’t. Wield the axe, clear the ground.

Ten of Stones Home
Ten of Stones

The Ten of Stones shows me the where and why of the first two, which is home. The sanctuary that we each make for ourselves . This might seem simple, but it’s how I read them.

How this weeks story board reads at the moment is more about clearing the mind of clutter, of being clear of what we want (Queen of Arrows) and clearing away the clutter of our minds (7 of Bows) to make the home environment more appealing and harmonious.

These three might also indicate house repairs, talking to people about those repairs or improving the house.

Since I’ve started writing this post, some other things have transpired (away from the bricks and mortar of home). Note that the Swan is swimming away from us. If someone is doing or making you mentally lose it, swim away (or you can walk, run, block, disengage some other way) but don’t drop anchor and try to reason with stupid or ugly. I’ve found there’s very little point. Be direct and clear, but you don’t need to be a bitch about it.

If you’d like to book your non-bitchy, but honest & helpful Tarot reading with me, you can do so via this page.

Deck used was The Wildwood Tarot, written and created by the talented Mark Ryan & John Matthews, illustrated by the fabulous Will Worthington.


Wildwood : The Hearthfire ~ Attitudes with Thoughts

Thoughts and attitudes join us in combination with The Hearthfire. We’re reminded us to join in and celebrate, which can help address thoughts towards others.

Eight of Bows ~ Hearthfire

Quite often of late, we’ve had the Tarot and the Camelot Oracle say, give, give, give. This week, with Pelles, we’ve been reminded to replenish our thoughts, our inner-selves and it seems that not only does The Wildwood agree, but it’s even saying: don’t do this alone!

The nights are drawing in, the air is cooler, the leaves are falling from the trees and the rain comes pounding down (down one of my chimney’s, as it happens!) and so having fnu on our own isn’t so appealing. However, light a fire, throw in some good company, food, drink and you’ve a party in the making!

Attitudes and ThoughtsOne great way to list one’s spirits and replenish the well is to do it in company, preferably with a few bottles of alcohol and no early get up from any off-spring the following morning!

However, it isn’t always adults that you have to have fun with! What of the children? We’re entering “that time of year” where serious pagans and witches think about those that have passed, how thin the veil between our worlds is. Children have no such bothers or concerns. They’re interested in their sweets, toffee apples, dressing up and having fun and whilst I dislike children coming to the door and asking for sweets etc. (especially if they’re nothing to do with us, I think it’s begging) I do think it’s fun to teach them in a fun way what this time of year is really about.

For me, it’s about saying good bye and giving thanks to the ancestors that have gone before. It’s about paying it forward for the coming lunar year and bringing smiles to the faces of the smaller people, making them use their thoughts. There will be time enough to weep when their grand-parents pass on, but for now, lets sing and dance and have some fun! Let us make the good times and the happy memorie, for we never know when our time is up.

Decks used are the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews and the delectible Mark Ryan, with the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.

Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

This week we’re reminded about injustice within our personal world and within The Wildwood. Have you made a decision?

Two of Arrows Injustice
Two of Arrows

A few times recently I’ve heard this phrase (or something pretty darned close to it): not making a decision is also a decision, often the wrong one. As the Two of Arrows joins us today, could our fear of an injustice cause us to not make a decision, this creating more problems later on?


Fear can be paralysing; it causes inaction and stagnation but what if doing nothing is the biggest injustice of all? But what if the injustice is caused by others and we suffer it in silence?  It is a lesson learned the hard way I feel that the only people who can take our power away really, is us. If we give it away or let others walk over us, we lose the power and that, is an injustice.

We can also add to that injustice by not acting or speaking up when we see others do this to those who haven’t yet learned the power of the word “No”. There’s always a balance to be struck with keeping your own power, helping others find their power and preventing an injustice. Is that possible?

I believe it is, but it’s a bit like standing on wet stepping-stones. It is very easy to fall off and get yourself wet and into trouble right up to your neck (and indeed, even beyond that!) An injustice can also be done by sitting on the fence, even if that’s where your boundaries end, when really you need to get off your lovely derrière and stand on your two feet (even if it is in a figurative sense!) and be counted.

Some questions to consider today are: Can I meet this person in the middle? Can I say yes without harming / crossing my own boundaries? Is what I’m being asked to do, reasonable? What do I need to do to make those scales truly balance?

I also find that being honest with your inner self prevents you doing an injustice to yourself. Yes, it IS possible to be your own worst friend and enemy.

Decks used were The Wildwood by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington. Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler