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Wildwood : Summer and Motherhood

This week we have the warm, nurturing mother of the Wildwood come and celebrate summer with us. She is The Green Woman. The Green Woman in this deck is The Empress in the RWS, the eternal nurturing mother, muse, inspiration, the female archetype of summer. What can she share with us that we’re not already […]

Wildwood : Hearthfire & Father’s Day

In time for Father’s Day, we look at the Wildwood’s Hearthfire and why dad’s are important. This post is a little late this week but with Father’s Day fast approaching, it is rather synchronistic that the card I pulled from The Wildwood shows eight male friends in celebration of either a hunt or harvest. They’ve […]

Wildwood : Empowerment & Clothes Shopping

Today we link the Wildwood into a rather mundane task: Clothes Shopping. How can the Five of Bows, with the keyword “empowerment” aid us in clothes shopping? The weather for today was mixed and with the need to get out of the house, I ventured forth with just the baby girl in tow (well, more […]

Wildwood : The Decision Lesson

Life is a lesson, there is however no dress rehearsal, this is the exam to beat all exams and a decision is to be made. So what’s the lesson? It’s Sunday and The Wildwood likes to throw down a gauntlet! Combined with the context from 1000 Spreads, we have a better insight into what the […]

Wildwood : The Real Question

The Wildwood wishes to address the real question, the true heart of the matter, not what I want to  address, it’s what I need to address. Oh boy! I’ve been feeling quietly rebellious these last few days, since my last post. I’ve a to-do list for my business as long as my arm, my to-do […]

Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

Sparks fly from the Ace of Bows today as it comes out to join us and I wonder if we will see any more in the next few days? It’s a Sunday, usually a day of rest, right? Not always. In my life, I have more than enough to cater and pander to, being the […]

Wildwood Hope : Major #17 ~ The Pole Star

Today we have the hope of the Pole Star to journey through. Given the events in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday. Hope seems to be the order for the next few days. The events in Boston on Monday the 15th came as a shock to most of the World. What was even more surprising was the […]

Wildwood CotD : Queen of Stones ~ Bear

The Queen of Stones comes out to join us today. She’s the practical one, the nurturer, the food and shelter finder. What can she add to our day? Come and find out in my Tarot corner that is,  The Wildwood. I made a prediction last week that hasn’t been proven. To be honest, I should […]

Wildwood CotD : Nine of Bows ~ Respect

The Woodwose comes out to join us today and combined with Cundrie, today will have to be negotiated with great care & respect to others, including myself. Cundrie’s overall message this week is to be honest, but combine her with the Woodwose and today promises to be interesting! The Woodwose commands respect but he also […]

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